HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEVIN SMITH!!! (Because it’s already the 16th in New Zealand and that’s where he is and that’s when his bday is.)

We watched Survivor. Yeehaw, it wasn’t Colby! 🙂 I like him and I’m definitely going for him to win. I can’t believe how much I’ve gotten attached to the show. I really didn’t want this to happen. Oh well.

The last entry in my Ryan Gosling guestbook says that I don’t have any Chris Conrad pictures and that I should have some. Oh, but I do! At Chris’ website. Doy!

Here’s some advice to you webmasters out there– buy your own domain! Before I got my domain, I had thought of moving my site to Xoom (now NBCi). Then one weekend, they were down. Not just for a couple of hours, but for the whole weekend! That incident spurred me on to purchase my own domain. Now I don’t have to deal with pop-up windows, UGLY top menus, or embedded banners. It’s such a joy having your own domain. You have so much more freedom to do what you want with your site!

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