Whew, updates! Yes, I have revamped yet again. I couldn’t help it. What’s new? – tweaking with the frames again, going back to 3 frames – cartoon doll part of the Kiari’s Corner logo! – revised the “about me” page – imbedded the Zack quote “But how could I forget… a single thing about… Read More 3427212


Last night we went to a crab feed. YUM!!! I ate a lot. It was great! Oh, and then there was the raffle. Among the prizes were tickets to an A’s game, tickets to a Warriors’ game, a limo ride to a brunch or something, and lots of other nice things. I really wanted the… Read More 3421611


My vacation has begun! Yeehaw! So geez, does anyone read this? Well, hopefully I write more since I’ll be at home for a whole week. Ahh, no work! That means no smurfy blue polyester. O glorious! LOL! I’ve discovered something new online. Cartoon dolls. Omigosh, I am having so much fun with them! Remember those… Read More 3412127


HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! 🙂 It’s been seven years and I very much consider myself a very lucky woman to have such a wonderful man… And a Happy Anniversary to Harry and Jill! 🙂


I’m toying with the idea of starting a forum for Kiari’s Corner. Ideally, it would be the place to talk about the fellows featured at Kiari’s Corner. It’s just a thought… So I’m “rollin’ in a Mustang” right now. Gads. The car is in the shop and the rental place gave us a Mustang. Silver.… Read More 3139218


Oh look, another RUDE guestbook entry, this time in my Ryan guestbook. Visitor’s Name: Gidge Homepage URL: http:// You are from: Iowa Comments: Your site sucks! God you can’t even get any of the pictures. What a fag! Sign Time: April 08 2001 at 22:40:24 Why must people be so inconsiderate, so rude, so utterly… Read More 3123253


I totally suck! I am so behind on my emails and updating my encounters section of my Greg site. Aaaack!!! And I never update my main updates page. Rats. But the cool stuff! My Oakland Athletics won their first game of the season! Barry Zito got the win, Miguel Tejada hit a grandslam, and the… Read More 3058153