So for some odd reason I thought today (the 21st) was the first day of spring, which means I totally missed the significance of the lovely sunshine that was yesterday. It was just another lovely day in the Bay Area for me…

HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLBY!!! Yeah, he’s not ever going to read that. But I just had to say it anyway. 🙂

A rant from the job… Here’s my thing- if you’re going to do overtime, then do the job that’s assigned to you. The other day I gave one piece of paperwork to this overtime person who promptly shoved it off and put it in a place where it could have easily gotten lost. I followed up on the paperwork and was rather ticked to find it where I did. I gave it to someone more reliable and then had a chat with the original person. I told this one that if the work couldn’t be done, then to give it back to me and I would find someone to do it. The response: “There are three of us doing the same job.” Sure, I replied, but everyone gets a turn at the paperwork. Response: “But I’m swamped.” Look, I said, if you can’t do it, then don’t. Give it back to me and I’ll find someone who can. But don’t just leave it somewhere because it could easily get lost.

I don’t think this person understood. Or maybe they did. I told the supervisor because I felt it had to be noted, mostly because if that paperwork had gotten lost and then resurfaced, I would have been the first person they would have blamed. Oh excuse me, I would have been the first person they would have gone to for an explanation.

I don’t have a vendetta against that person. No, not really. But that person has seemingly gotten away with things that the rest of us would have been terminated for. Is it fair? What’s the deal? Where are the answers?