The 73rd Academy Awards was a nice way to spend the evening. Here are my comments, a totally unexpert opinion. 😛

I was personally glad to see Gladiator take the award for best picture, mostly because it was the only film I saw out of the nominees. LOL! I remember thinking when I watched it that it wasn’t very likely to get an important Oscar nominations. Gee, I was wrong! (See, totally unexpert.) But I also thought how sweeping and gorgeous the whole movie was and if anything, it deserved a lot of the technical awards.

Russell Crowe’s acceptance for the award for best actor was so unaffected and honest and it was one of my favorite moments. Here he was, just a regular bloke and he received the most coveted award that an actor can receive. I was touched by his humble demeanor and sensed that he was a bit shocked by it all. Still, he managed to maintain a quiet dignity along with the awe of being chosen best actor…

Julia Roberts was so utterly joyous in her acceptance and was a beautiful sight. I loved her “let me go on because I might not ever be up here again” attitude. She was so nervous, so happy, so sweet, and so grateful. She was so real, her excitement so genuine. She was just so infectious in her happiness.

Best dressed (not that I saw everyone): Catherine Zeta-Jones was classy and beautiful in her Versace gown. She’s just beautiful all the way around. Julia Roberts is a very close second in her vintage Valentino. I also liked Russell Crowe (but I just like him), as well as CoCo Lee in her Chanel gown.

Dressed with abandon: Jennifer Lopez. Most of the time I think she’s one of the loveliest ladies out there, but the top part of her dress, umm, ewww! Bjork comes in a very close second with that odd swan thing. Memorable. 😛

Of the musical performances, I liked CoCo Lee and the instumentals for the movie scores…

I did some updating on my site as well! I did tons of screencaptures from soulDecision’s “Let’s Do It Right.” Gorgeous video! Heavy on Trevor, but that’s okay because I like him. 😛 I got a lot of screencaps of him, of course. Also added sister site and an encounter I should have added a long time ago. 😛

On the Greg front– he’s set to do a convention in the UK. Wowsers!

(Ohhh) Ryan is part of the Ryan Gosling Site Awards.