lj, me

early babbling

were it goodness in me
it vanished long ago
replaced by apathetic despair
blending with the emptiness
were it laughter in me
it disappeared long ago
replaced by listless dreams
drifting without purpose
now it’s nothing in me
only a sad and broken heart
beating with each breath
until the darkness falls

Sometimes I wonder why I write certain things. Sometime I think it just comes to me without me feeling it, almost a whisper from an unknown place.

I know, strange. 😉

Things TV! Spoilers? Probably.

V – I just don’t know how I feel about this show. I love a lot of the actors in it (who doesn’t love Elizabeth Mitchell, Joel Gretsch, Morena Baccarin, etc?) but the plot is merely plodding along for me. Sure, I like that there’s actually a character named Valerie. It’s always nice to hear my name in stuff. lol! Erica’s son bothers me a lot. I don’t like him for some reason and I almost tune out whenever he’s on the screen. I’m going to keep watching, however, because Charles Mesure was in the last episode and I’m curious about his character. And I just love watching him.

Fringe – Wow, the episode “Peter” was an eye opener. So many questions answered and so many new ones formed. Although I did like the ep, I was a little sad that there was really no Olivia or Peter or Astrid. It was all mostly flashback. Still a great episode and a wonderful performance by John Noble.

Justified – Three episodes aired before I finally got around to watching it on the DVR. It’s not my usual cup of tv but Timothy Olyphant is really making it work for me. I don’t think I would watch it if it were anyone else playing Deputy US Marshal Raylan Givens. He does the tough but soft spoken thing so very well. The show is on FX and I didn’t realize that they could cuss on that network. lol! Haven’t heard the F word, but they say almost everything else.

Human Target – Trying to catch up on this show. I hope it’s picked up for another season. I really do enjoy it. Mark Valley’s Christopher Chance is an intriguing character.

Flash Forward – This show is almost on par with V for me but I think I might like it a smidgen better. Another great cast of actors but I am especially tied to Jack Davenport. It’s always lovely seeing him and even better on American television. 🙂

LOST – Oh Lost, I shall miss you when you’re gone! I almost don’t care what the end brings (although I hope it’s kick ass) because I have enjoyed this season so very much. There has been so much to savor and pick apart and marvel over. I have really enjoyed the show very much. I do hope they answer the major questions but I am so far most satisfied with last week’s episode. This week’s was interesting in its own right. But please, just let Jin and Sun reunite already! And ohhhhh, what’s Desmond’s purpose?! I wanna know! We had better find out in the next episode!!!

Chuck – I love Chuck and I am confused that there’s even a question of its return next season. NBC sucks serious ass if they don’t renew this show. I love it. I can watch it over and over and over. And I have. lol! This past episode has a few jaw dropping moments, most notably the reveal of Shaw’s wife’s killer. Oh my! I like the Shaw character but he annoy the hubby. lol! I think I just like Brandon Routh.

Life in general is plodding along well enough. I’m in the middle of my four day weekend (yah!). Tonight I have the Hot County Nights concert and tomorrow is WonderCon. We’re going to definitely hopefully watch the panels for Human Target and Chuck. My plan is to take a picture with someone at the convention. Maybe Adam Balwin? Although I wouldn’t mind another with Marina Sirtis. 🙂 I am SUPER BUMMED that I’m going to miss the panel for The Losers. Umm, Jeffrey Dean Morgan is going to be there!!! And pretty Chris Evans. So not fair!!! Seriously.