lj, me

journey well into the next

darkness lingers inevitable
on the shadow’s fringe
what promise whispers there
what adventure awaits
eternity in memories
leading towards a shining light
what wonders to discover
what mysteries to delight
forever dreams will glimmer
a glow to light the way
what visions to behold
what music in laughter

“Journey well into the next” is my way of saying farewell to the recently departed. I didn’t say it or think it after the Easter Sunday death, but I thought it when we were told at work about the death of one of the ladies who worked for the district.

And I thought it again this morning.

I’m not sure what to say about a man I only met twice in person. As with older folks, especially men, he didn’t speak much and I’m usually quiet around people I don’t really know. The last time we saw him was back in 2005 during our trip back East. I hope he didn’t suffer too much in the end.

To William Tribby– journey well into the next…