lj, me

sweet friday goodness

does my heart deceive
my very faith in your love
leading me astray

I want to go see The Losers. Darn it!


Possible spoilers ahead! Read at your own risk.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Fringe – I knew Peter discover the truth. And I knew he would react the way that he did. Doesn’t mean it didn’t break my heart when he confronted Walter. I almost cried at Walter’s reaction. Walter kept wanting to tell Peter and put it off too long. Alas!… I enjoyed the shapeshifters. I like Sebastian Roche. Who did he bring over from the other side? Oh the creepy mysteries!

LOST – I really do think I’m in denial of the fact that the show is ending. I am truly savoring every moment left on screen and I know that I will be so freakin’ sad when it ends… Finally, Jin and Sun are reunited! Oh the crazy chill when not-Locke told Jack, “You’re with me now.” Aaaack! I don’t like creepy Claire. I was so happy to see Ilana in the sideways flash! And Desmond is not dead. I know Sayid didn’t kill him. He couldn’t have done it!

Flash Forward – Sometimes I wonder why the hell I’m still watching the show. This episode should have thrilled me more. After all, it was Demetri’s possible death day. Of course, he lived. I knew they couldn’t kill him off. But what the hell?! Why was the board washed clean? What kind of game was Frost playing?!

V – Charles Mesure is such a welcome addition to this show. I’m still unsure about his character’s motives and intentions but I like him better than poor Georgie… I hope Anna’s daughter gets used by the 5th Column. Maybe they’ll even turn her. Now that would rock!

Stargate Universe – I haven’t watched tonight’s ep but I must say that I like this show almost against my will. The writing and the acting is so stellar that I can’t help but be intrigued and hooked by the activities on the ship Destiny. 😉

Justified – I need to catch up on this one but again I must say that if it were not for Timothy Olyphant, I would not be watching the show. He’s wonderful. Such a cowboy. lol!