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each pitch perfection

I still picture you
magnificent on the mound
each pitch perfection

My boss retired and this was his last week. His office is empty now, waiting for its new occupant. I’m a little sad but I’m happy for him because he’s retired. How lucky is he? He worked his whole career for the the school district, the district from which he graduated. I bet not many can say the same. 🙂

yesterday’s lunch

Yesterday was a half day of work. Most wonderful! I had Taco Bell for lunch, then read the rest of my library book (The Host by Stephenie Meyer) before finshing up series 5 of Outrageous Fortune.

The Host was a decent read, very far off from the Twilight books, sci-fi and intriguing. I enjoyed it.

Series 5 of Outrageous Fortune ended with a cliffhanger. I’m going to guess that Charles Mesure does not appear in series 6. 😉 His DS Zane Gerard was pretty much a bastard, a cop who used his position in not so nice ways. Of course, I still enjoyed his performance. Now I want to watch the show from the beginning! I want to see how the Wests became the people I encountered in series 5. And who knows, maybe I’ll see more actors from Xena & Hercules. lol!

day170: Meggie's final resting place
Meggie’s final resting place…

Today we headed out to Livermore for a quick visit. We saw Meggie’s final resting place (well, the stone holding her ashes). Afterwards we had lunch at Kasper’s. Mmmm, cheese dog!

cheese dog

Twas a beautiful day, very windy and almost chilly. I love it. I’m savoring the chill in the air because it will eventually give way to the heat of summer. Ye gods.

along Vasco
front of the house

I’m sad that Mark Mulder has walked away from the game. And so quietly too. I was hoping that he would come back for a couple of more seasons. He’s still young! But he’s finished. Ah well, such is baseball. Best of luck in his future endeavors…