middle of the week

every eye avoided
what might they see
if they look too deeply
every glance averted
what could one look
give away in a second
maybe every sin confessed
maybe every indiscretion revealed
maybe every secret spilled
so don’t look this way
so don’t say my name
just forget
any mention of me
just forget
any thought of me
let me fade silently
from your memory

So I’m amusing myself with the whole Drones vs. Human Relations thing. (Short version: Amber Benson, co-director, is calling into question the similarity between a tv show in development with Syfy network written by Scott Prendergast and her own indie film pitched to Syfy earlier this year. Basically, she thinks that someone took film’s idea and decided to create a tv show from it.)

Anyhoo, it reminds me of that episode of What’s Happening! where Raj wrote a script that he swears was turned into a movie or tv episode and finds out that, as it is in Hollywood, his idea was *not* as original as he thought.

Yes, I watched What’s Happening! back in the day. LOL!

IMHO, without any real attachment to either party, I find Amber Benson’s reaction a little inflammatory towards Scott Prendergast. It just seems like she’s calling him a plagiarist. (Though to be fair, she implicitly says that she is not calling him a plagiarist while merely inferring that some kind of plagiarism has occurred.) He has rebutted and said that he had actually wrote on the script back in the mid-90s, coming back to it in 2008 or 2009 and bringing it to Syfy earlier this year. Ms. Benson is suspicious of the timing.

I think that life in Hollywood is probably hard for creative types, especially when you’re a working type and not an A-lister. I think Ms. Benson’s fans think that she’s standing up for her creation whereas Mr. Prendergast is doing the same for his own work. Her fans want to jump on this guy without any proof, taking her word for it. And he is now afraid that Syfy might not let his project go further because of all this hoopla.

I just don’t understand how you can accuse someone of something without any proof. And I am amused by how fans will choose a side without any proof as well, perhaps jeopardizing an innocent person’s reputation.

But that’s just me.

I’m sure I’d be pissed if someone seemed to steal my idea. Then again, how many times has someone had a truly original idea?