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I was personally happy by the season premiere of V last night. We actually watched it (almost) in real time. Good for us! 😀

Watch out, spoilers next!

Things I really liked in the episode:

JOSHUA! – I was SO GLAD to see Joshua was revived. But at what price? Why did Anna say that the traitor would talk and yet when Lisa went to see him, he remembered nothing from before his “death”? Whatever it is, I am glad he’s still around (for now?).

HOBBES – Of course, can’t *not* mention Kyle Hobbes. After watching Charles Mesure in This Is Not My Life, it was a bit strange to see him as a supporting character as opposed to lead. I know, I should just be happy he’s on my television, right? A few of his lines made me laugh a little. Kyle’s kinda cheesey, isn’t he? I don’t care, I like him! 😉

ANNA – I know it’s just wrong but I just loved everything about Anna in this episode. From beating and killing one of the ship captains to watching her daughter do Tyler, how could one not be riveted by her cool then hot and slightly unhinged behavior? She’s irresistible to watch.

“MOTHER” – Wow, what an entrance for Anna’s mother! LOL!

SCIENTIST GUY – I forgot his name but it’s good to have a smartie in the Fifth Column.

And a few “meh” moments:

The Parkour Guy in the Hoodie – Umm, yeah.

FBI scene – Purpose?

Chad Decker – Do they really need him? Erica can see Anna by using Tyler like she did in this episode. I hope they better utilize him in future eps if he has to be there.

All in all, a great start to the (short) season. Can’t wait to learn more about Erica and her pregnancy with Tyler as well as witness the confrontation between Anna and her mother. Should make for good times. 😉

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  1. Hi! I’ve got to ask – how did you get to see “This Is Not My Life”? I go to the TV3 site and click on an episode and a commercial comes on then a snarky notice that it’s for Kiwis only. I’d read on the “Outrageous Fortune” forum where people outside NZ could watch those episodes while it was ongoing. If they’d do DVDs for TINML and “Kaitangata Twitch,” I’d wait for them, but no DVDs makes me want to violate international law.

    Have you seen the new photos of Charles Mesure at his IMDb site? They’re him, not Kyle. Go, fangirl, go!

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