you excite in me

I can’t quell the thrill
spreading heat beneath my skin
you excite in me

The whole conversation
a tweet and a reply

Say something nice and sometimes you get a virtual kiss blown your way. Seriously, it made me blush when I saw it. It could have been the Hawaiian Punch (a drink at Tailgaters) I had just started drinking. Sure, let’s say it was that. Or maybe I’m just the kind of fangirl who’s easily delighted but such gestures. 😉

Hawaiian Punch they call this

Speaking of fangirl, we were browsing the trailers section of our Apple TV and I made the hubby stop at one called Mexican Sunrise. It sounded super familiar and lo, it was exactly what I thought it was– a trailer for a movie Greg did FIVE YEARS ago! What the heck?! A little late, eh? It supposedly comes out this Friday. I think if it actually makes it my way, I’m going to have to watch it. I still adore him, ya know?