in dreams that I forget

do you still hear the laughter
ringing from days long ago
do you still feel the wind
as it lifts the fallen leaves
does the sun warm your skin
somewhere yesterday
does the moon glow bright
gentling the silver shadows
do you hear me calling
in dreams that I forget
do you reach for me
to comfort the regret
do you watch me far from you
willing me to move on
do you hold our memories
until we meet again


We watched Blood Out this morning. The best thing about it was Ed Quinn, OF COURSE, though I didn’t mind the way Luke Goss kicked ass. I said as much on Twitter (because I must mention anything EQ related) and got the following reply:

A reply


We ventured to Best Buy today. Why were people already camped out in front of the story?! I mean seriously, CAMPED OUT in tents. Is it some kind of great adventure? Do these people have no family? Or is this their way of bonding with one another?

Camping out

Personally, I think they’re a bit nuts. But hey, to each his own, right?