my 2012 in photos

Here’s a slideshow of my 2012 Project 365. It’s actually 366 pictures because it was a leap year and I didn’t think to take a day off from taking a photo. LOL

for me to cherish

please give everything from the very heart of you for me to cherish I’m glad I already did my look back on 2012 so that I can just babble on my last entry for the year. 😉

no one ever asks

no one ever asks why the tears might be falling when the skies are dark more Ed Quinn in Starship Troopers 2 My 2012 in review (because what else do I have to do on a Saturday morning?):

smiling that come hither smile

hello there you tease smiling that come hither smile of hot temptation I am so enjoying these lazy days. I love not knowing what day of the week it is. LOL

I know that it’s you

I know that it’s you hiding in the dark shadows of my restless dreams they didn’t care for what was on tv

whisper your confession

just say you want me whisper soft your confession as I taste your lips It’s GLORIOUS to be off from work until the 2nd. Have I mentioned that yet? Well, it’s true. I should get off the computer and start reading my book. Or, if I’m going to sit here, why not write my own?…

Merry Christmas!

anticipation with each second that passes awareness prickles I hope everyone had a lovely day. We had a super lazy one while the rain fell. Good thing we didn’t have anywhere to go!