visceral through every beat

Let’s just say
I cannot resist
Giving in to the way
His voice reverberates
Through every word
Sung deep and low

Oh why does each note
Uniquely pluck
The strings of my heart

Lingering in a sort
Of beautiful bliss
Visceral through
Every beat

I like poetry challenges. My friend suggested the inspiration for the above poem. The handwritten version looks like this:

And yes, I did use it for my 20,000th tweet. I wanted to do something special. I can’t really believe I’ve tweeted so much! Then again, I have been tweeting since 2007. Crazy!

My 20,000th tweet looked like this:

Spring Break has begun! Three three day weekends coming up as well as two half day Fridays. Most wonderful! I should do lots of reading. Yeah, that’s it. Or lots of writing. Even better! 🙂

Morning sky
this shot was almost my photo of the day…

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