you wait

you wait on the fringes of dreams just out reach so patient so hopeful so certain you wait each breath a promise a hint of destiny with every beat with every sigh with every whisper you wait shining like sunshine knowing one thing this is true this is perfection this is inevitable

eq, poetry

take a breath

take a breath let it go feel the rush in every beat take a breath let it go laugh with love smile with glee take a breath let it go the tears fall squeezing the heart take a breath let it go revel in pleasure a whisper can bring take a breath let it go… Read More take a breath


carve out your own forever

sway to the music carve out your own forever living in the song A slow kind of Sunday. Lazy goodness. Lol We’re delaying our Oscars watch. Going to skip the ads and boring crap. šŸ˜‰

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if we ever meet

if we ever meet I’ll pretend with a cool smile my heart does not skip Not sure if I’m digging the green but I do like the gold with the hearts. The green is a bit foresty with tiny sparkly flecks. Tom Hardy is going to be an episode of Driven to Extremes on the… Read More if we ever meet