feel the wonder of the night

just slowly exhale
feel the wonder of the night
closing in so cool

The Fall – We watched two episodes on Netflix. It’s a BBC series (just five episodes) and stars Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan (Once Upon a Time). So far so good. I’ve always wanted to watch something where Gillian is using her English accent. And Jamie Dornan is normal and creepy all at the same time in this series…

I hope the following pictures show up… If they don’t, reload the page and have a bit of patience. 😉



So hey, if I had been there, able to see both Henry Cavill and Sullivan Stapleton in the same area, I would have seriously had some kind of full-on fangirl swoon. Yowsa! And damn! LOL

Yvonne & Sully

Robert Kazinsky, of True Blood & Pacific Rim

Shhh, don’t say anything but I kinda fancy Robert Kazinsky. Maybe it’s the whole vampire fairy thing but he’s just kinda yummy. Just kinda. 😉

with the first edition Superman comic book

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