restless with yearning

night by dreams
restless with

completely forsaken
alone in the crowd
vying for notice
if only for now
left unrequited
longing abounds

Henry Cavill in The Tudors
Henry Cavill as Charles Brandon in The Tudors

I started writing another Listworthy post. Can you guess its subject? πŸ˜‰ I can’t believe it’s been nearly a year since my last one. And here I thought I was sufficiently boy crazy. Apparently not? I could actually write two Listworthy posts right now but I want to finish one before I start the other.

kitsch in savages
Kitsch in Savages

I read an article (Xena, Wonder Woman, and TV’s allergy to female superheroes) today that made me 1) feel a bit old (because the writer commented on how she grew up on Xena and I thought, Aaack, I was already an adult and married when Xena debuted on the air!) and 2) remember those wonderful times in my early days joining the internet. First of all, why is it so difficult for another show like Xena Warrior Princess to get on the air? How can it be that Wonder Woman or anyone of the like has not graced the small screen in decades? Was Xena so totally unique that the creative forces out there can’t even imagine another strong warrior woman for television? I’m all for balanced storytelling and goodness knows how much I love my fellas but it would rock if there were some female superheroes out there. Seriously… Second, I MISS those days of watching Xena and Hercules and then Young Hercules and being so inspired to write stories about these different characters. Those were such wonderful days and I miss the group writing and the forum chats and all of that…