all I want

I want
to cross his mind
I want
to haunt his dreams
I want
him to wonder
I want
him to search
Am I real
Am I just a dream
Am I merely longing
pushed aside
I want
to hear his whispers
I want
to feel his touch
I want
him to need
I want
him to hunger
just a taste
could be a enough
just a piece of forever
might be enough
just a moment
between us
it’s all I want

Taylor Kitsch

It’s interesting trying to write a poem everyday. I took the easy way out for a long time with the haikus and this year I’ve used the names and last names of my fellas. I think I’ve written just a few this year that don’t use the name route. Today’s poem is actually inspired by my current story characters to a point. Just in case you’re wondering. 😉


I’m so glad that the weather has cooled down a little. I hope it stays cool for tomorrow and Friday because Ï’ve got to walk to work! And maybe even home. We shall see. 😉