feeling the rush with a blush

with eyes averted
feeling the rush with a blush
in this one promise

SS & PW – Strike Back

The last minutes of the 4th quarter are ticking away for the 49ers. Yes, I’m actually watching some football at the moment. I’m hoping they can hold on to their lead but we shall see. 😉

I get to go to work tomorrow. It doesn’t feel like a big deal because it’ll probably be slow going since it’s still Winter Break and the schools are closed. Heck, maybe people will think we’re closed too and not bother us. Wishful thinking? Probably! 😉

I want to write another story but nothing is really grabbing at me at the moment. So I keep reading other stuff I’ve written to try and get that spark. There’s one story that I did that isn’t quite finished yet but I’m not sure how to end it. I like that story a lot too. It’s longer than a short story but not quite novel long. So a novella? Yeah, let’s go with that.

Oh, and the game is over. Well, at least they won…