TWITL – week ten

he whispers
his touch so light
the promise lingers
in his eyes
he watches
his patience steady
the certainty so true
in his smile
he laughs
his love inevitable
plain for all to see
in his reverence

Sullivan Stapleton in Blindspot
Sully in Blindspot


Blindspot – Another good episode last week but the scene that totally stopped me was the one with Weller and his father. Everything about that scene just broke my heart– Kurt’s insistence on the truth, his father’s confession, the shame and sorrow, and ultimately the forgiveness. Both actors played it so well but of course my attention was all on Sullivan Stapleton. He made me cry! Heartbreaking.


SPOTLIGHT – I confess, I was annoyed that when this movie won for best picture at the Oscars but after watching it, I can see why it won. It was brilliant and a great study on how real journalists work. As much as I enjoy writing, I know I could have never been a journalist but I have the utmost respect for the real journalists out there who tell the hard stories for the truth. Not for sensationalism but for actual TRUTH. As for the subject matter, it was so hard to watch, especially as a Catholic, lapsed or non-practicing as I am. It made me angry and ashamed. I only remember in passing when all of that came to light but I never really stopped to think about it at the time…

Sullivan Stapleton
Sully again


Super stalled on the writing. I’m lucky if I can write a whole scene for any of my stories right now. I have added a bit to Take Your Time but not much else. I’ve been re-reading some of my older stories. Why? I don’t know. Maybe for inspiration. I just re-read a Taylor Kitsch inspired one and I think it probably doesn’t need the scene I half wrote at the end. And the most recent Henry Cavill inspired story is just a jumble right now. I’ve always thought those stories where the duo marry for any other reason but love were silly yet here I am trying to write one. And then there’s “The Years Between.” It’s supposed to be about a woman who meets someone from her past and eventually ends up with him but it’s starting to turn into a love triangle in my head because of course.


I want another tattoo and I’m considering one that is definitely leaning on total fangirl. It’s unique and definitely personal but I hesitate because 1) hubby is not quite on board with it and 2) I’ve no idea how much it would cost. I thought about checking out the local tattoo place in town and getting my idea priced but I’m afraid it’ll be affordable enough for me to say, hey, let’s do it now! I love the thought of it so much…

It makes me smile when someone says I always make them smile. Because REALLY?! No, YOU MAKE ME SMILE. Of course, I’m kinda easy but still. It’s awesome to realize that there is true affection there and so my heart is so touched.

If I ever become a best selling writer (yes, I’m still a dreamer!), at least TWO of my fellas can say I hand wrote notes/letters to them. So hope you’re keeping my stuff, fellas! 😉