TWITL – week thirteen – new tattoo

I may say one day
what this tattoo means to me
this is not the day


I started a little write up about my latest tattoo but have decided to sit on it for a bit. But as I do like to show off my ink, I can’t help but post it. Some questions I’ve already had to answer:

  1. My husband is cool with it for the most part. As he says, it’s my body. Of course, if he had been dead set against this particular tattoo (this is my fourth), I would may have decided on a different design. Now when he looks at it, he just shakes his head and thinks I’m crazy (but I think he already thinks that). I am a super lucky wife to have such an amazing man as my husband.
  2. It says “(drawn heart) your spell breaker” on the inside of my left arm.
  3. Yes, the handwriting might be familiar if you know the person who wrote it (not me!).
  4. No, the person who wrote it hasn’t seen it. Yet. Or maybe yes but I don’t know.
  5. I got this particular tattoo to mark a moment in my life with something unique to me. It has meaning and it’s something of joy and gratitude and love. I hope it’s perceived with a smile at least and maybe someday I’ll tell the whole story. Or not.

I had the tattoo done by Mick Monahan at Calculated Punkture Studio here in Brentwood. I think he did a great job and now I want more tattoos. LOL


BvS was even better the second time. Instead of wondering what was going to happen next and being frustrated by the actions of the characters, I was able to sit back and just relax and really enjoy the movie. And I definitely enjoyed it. Even though I can understand the frustrations regarding the movie, it’s still entertaining enough for me to keep watching it. I’m not hatewatching it (as someone remarked in their review, which had the same points that jived with mine) and it seems as though a lot of people are going in with the intention of hating it or focusing on its flaws. BvS is entertaining, perhaps a bit frustrating, but it’s beautifully done and well acted. Is the plot a little weak? Sure. Did I have to fill in the blanks for some of the characters to glean their motivations? Yes. But do I hate it and want to disown it from the DC universe? Ummm, NO.


I’ve been so slacking off on my stories. I really need to focus on at least ONE story, right? But my mind keeps flitting from one to the other then another. I have too many in the works, I think. I did write a bit in a story I’m currently calling “The Arrangement” but as I still don’t know a key point in the plot, it makes the writing of it a little harder.


Baseball is starting! I guess it’s time for me to pay attention. As it is, I’m more into rugby at this point but I will make an effort with my A’s and Cardinals. It’s a bit hard with the A’s when I barely know who the players are. ::sigh:: I seem to have better luck with the Cardinals.


I hope my new tattoo doesn’t freak out the person who wrote it. And as much as I want to show it off and tell the whole story about it, I think for now I’ll keep it to the folks who’ll better understand my reasons for getting it. I think it’s a good story and deserves its own post. Someday!…