TWITL – week thirty-nine

the something sweet of your lips
temptation or promise
either way points to bliss
the something warm of your embrace
forever or just for now
either way makes my heart race
the something soft in your whisper
the simple truth or honey lies
either way makes the world a blur
am I lost or merely losing
surrendering without a fight
am I found or floundering
using us as an anchor
because of the something in you

oh those snap filters

WORK – I’ve been covering the front desk at work because the regular receptionist is off. I find it interesting because when I was the front desk receptionist, I’m not sure that anyone got pulled from their desk to cover mine. Hmmm… Got pulled into a meeting that left me a bit discontented and I’ve been thinking way too much about it this weekend. UGH… So glad it’s now fall break even though I am working a lot of it. BUT I get to take time off so that’s awesome. 🙂 Also, my new boss starts when school is back in session!

BAD SERVICE – We went to Wing Stop the other night after not having it for probably close to a year. It took about an HOUR to get our food. WTF I think I lost count of the phoned in or online ordered people who walked in and walked out before we got our food. I know I don’t know when people ordered but I heard one of the workers tell a customer that the customer ordered 15 minutes ago and there would still be a wait. Yet that customer walked out with her food before we did. We were probably there at least thirty minutes after she left. So frustrating!

WRITING – Almost finished with “The Arrangement.” I need to just end it and start the whole editing process. 🙂