Listworthy: Simon Kassianides (@simonkass / #SimonKassianides)

Simon Kassianides at the Unforgettable premiere

Name: Simon Kassianides
DOB: 7 August 1979
Height: (taller than me!)
Degree of separation: 2 (Tom Hardy=>Marina Sirtis=>me!)
My list or yours: mine
First sighting: probably Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
First meeting: Alas, has not yet happened

Why oh why another Listworthy? You would think that having one “Beyond Listworthy” would mean he was the last. But you would be wrong, so very very wrong. My fangirl heart is quite an open thing, ready to spread that love to the next one.

I’ve apparently been following Simon for some time on Instagram but I have no idea when it happened or why it happened. I just know that I’d see his pictures now and again and think, “Yeah, nice looking guy.” It’s a little maddening not knowing when he caught my eye. Who was the one who led me to him? Did I see him on a show and think, Hmmm, he looks interesting? It’s an utter mystery. Maybe I’ll figure it out but so far, I’m coming up empty.

Simon Kassianides in Agents of SHIELD

I do know when the adoration suddenly turned on with me– late December 2016. Simon was in Greece and doing those Instagram stories. I’d see his face next to mine and click and see pictures of him out and about and I would envy him a bit because Greece has always been on my list of places to visit “someday.” So I watched his Instagram stories and sighed over the different sights. “Someday.” And yes, sometimes he slipped in a selfie just to remind us all whose story we were watching. In the midst of all this Instagram story watching, Simon posted a picture of himself from a photo shoot and it sparked something in me I could not deny.

It was just him, looking out at a view, shirt and jacket on but unbuttoned so that we have our own view of part of his chest and stomach. Romance novel cover work right there and my mind went that way because that’s how my mind works. A story started in my head and Simon was the man in it. I never scoff at inspiration so I went with it even though I was actually working on another story. And of course writing about a man who looks like Simon made me do a little research on the man.

Simon Kassianides

For me, research on an actor entails watching his work. I started with the second season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. We had stopped watching several episodes into the second season so when I started, I was re-watching. And I remembered many details of the episodes but not Simon. How did I totally and utterly miss him the first time watching these episodes? What was I thinking? Or not thinking? How the hell did I not notice him?


I wanted to take it slow (I’m still taking it slow) and I just finished his episodes of the second season of AoS. I have watched Desert Dancer (small part for Simon but such a good movie!), an episode of Zoo (the French accent threw me off), skipped to his parts on How to Get Away with Murder as well as Nikita (the Spanish accent was DELICIOUS) and Covert Affairs (love the dapper first scene). My favorite thing to watch is his short, Trust No One. It’s ten minutes or so of action packed intrigue and it ROCKS. I hope it gets made into something longer because I want to know MORE. I always want more. And the short really deserves to be expanded into something even more awesome, especially if it features more Simon.

Simon Kassianides in Trust No One

Research also entails following on social media and keeping an eye out on articles and interviews. Simon updates somewhat regularly on both twitter and instagram. As my regard increased, I started tagging him in my tweets and somewhat randomly he would like or even retweet. I have gotten into the habit of posting screenshots (filtered and otherwise touched up) from his various works and those are usually the ones that have gotten the likes or retweets. I try not to tweet AT him too often because I don’t to seem like a total nutter especially since he seems to actually sometimes read tweets directed at him. So a reply from him is a special kind of thrill and I’ve been lucky a couple of times. I guess I’m doing a decent job of not being too crazy.

Onward to the criteria!


I don’t know that he’s made me cry yet but Simon has managed to elicit all the other reactions from me with his work. I probably shouldn’t have liked Bakshi (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) as much as I did but he played him with just enough dapper snark without being smarmy. I knew his time was ending and it still made me sad but the character got what he deserved, I suppose. Besides his natural accent, I really liked his Spanish one, which is really weird because it’s not usually an accent I like. I wasn’t too keen on the French one (just in general) but his American accent will do. He’s played an array of different characters and I look forward to delving into more of his work. He does not disappoint. If you want the whole tour de force (writer, director, actor), check out his short Trust No One. I promise, you will be impressed.

Simon Kassianides

All right, a man who goes to college and actually gets his degree is TOPS with me. Simon has a degree in International Business and a Masters in Finance. How did this man become an actor?! Well, we are all the better for it and I’m sure his educational background has helped him in his current field.

Simon Kassianides

Simon has been very kind to me with the random replies and likes on twitter and instagram. I like to think that I’m being mostly proper in my mentions of him and he is taking it in kind. One of the reason I don’t choose more “mainstream” fellas for my List is that sometimes their actions are put to greater scrutiny. Simon isn’t followed around by paparazzi and studied in minutiae so he can do he pleases and he can control his image. So far, he does a lovely job of it and although I don’t hunt for information on him (yet?), what I’ve read so far has been quite pleasing. And as I said, he’s only been lovely to me in our scant interactions.

Simon Kassianides

Here’s one that stumps me. I have no idea if Simon likes any sports, played any sports, hates sports. In the time that I’ve been paying attention to him, he hasn’t mentioned any games or attended any sporting events. It could be that I haven’t been paying much attention or his favorite sports haven’t been in season. Just as I don’t know when I started with him so to am I clueless on his stance on sports.

Simon Kassianides

Darkly handsome, dark eyes, great fit in suits– really, what more could you want? (Okay, maybe a little down and dirty but I’m sure Simon could rock that too.) If there’s a trace of boyishness, it’s merely that, a trace. My recent Listworthy fellas have had more than a trace of boyishness so there’s something a bit exciting about a man who is undoubtedly a MAN and not a boy. Maybe it’s my age but there’s something infinitely appealing about a man who can wear a suit and look good in it. Simon is perfect romance novel fodder with his looks and the different accents he’s done certainly helps in the daydreaming.

Simon Kassianides

Simon Kassianides represents mystery to me and I just love that about him. His work has shown him to be passionate and talented and I am sucked in by him each time he’s on screen. It seriously boggles my mind that I cannot trace to the beginning of my regard for him. How or why did I start following him?! It’s maddening and exciting at the same time. It’s as if a part of me knew I’d fall for him at some point and it became a waiting game. I do like when that happens. I don’t mind when the Listworthy sneak up on me.


What would I say to Simon if I ever met him? Hmmm, I’d do what I do online and hopefully be respectful and politely adoring while trying to be adorable. I would say how I’m looking forward to his future work and how I appreciate the random likes on the socials. I’d apologize for not noticing him the first time around on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Then I’d ask for a hug and picture (or a hugging picture?), give him a kiss on the cheek, and go along my merry way. I’d be totally satisfied with that.

Believe me?

Simon Kassianides

I have this feeling that my regard for Simon Kassianides is of the long haul variety. How do I know? As I mentioned, he’s quite ideal as romance novel fodder and what do I do in my spare time besides tweet and instagram to my lovelies? I write romance novels! (It’s turned into a compulsion and it doesn’t even matter that no one has really read them yet.) Simon has already appeared in two of my recent stories. Seriously, how many times can I use Sullivan Stapleton, Henry Cavill, and Philip Winchester as the fellas in my stories? (Lots of times, in case you’re wondering.) So it’s nice to have a new fella. Keeps me young at heart.

Simon Kassianides

So Simon, if you actually read this (or someone you know reads this), I’ve been having a grand time checking out your work so far and I’m quite sure you’re going to be the reason I watch shows/movies I’d not otherwise pay any mind. I hope we meet some day because it’s always my dream to meet my fellas. Thank you for the bits of attention online, I do appreciate the random sunshine. I am looking forward to what’s next for you. And if you follow me on twitter or facebook, I’ll be eternally gobsmacked. Even if you don’t, I’ll still keep my eye on you.

Ever with love…

Simon Kassianides

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