TWITL – week nine – rain and sunshine

Ahh, the weather this week. The most constant was the cold, which I didn’t mind at all. Sometimes the sun shone, sometimes the rain fell. I liked when the rain fell because afterwards the air would feel fresh and alive. So beautiful.

The Farmers Market opened up this weekend so we spent our Saturday downtown checking out the Farmers Market then having drinks at our favorite places. We also took some time to watch the first show of Black Panther. Yah! The day was sunny then rainy, mild then cold.

Our local theatre

Red Sparrow – What a good movie! Thank you T-Mobile for the $4 movie tickets. The movie was worth the discounted tickets. I would definitely recommended it for people who want to watch a thriller that doesn’t dumb down its plot. Jennifer Lawrence was amazing. I loved the twists and the intrigue. The music was lovely too…

The Shape of Water – Beautiful movie. Loved the imagery and the use of music. Sally Hawkins was so good, as were the other actors in the movie. (It tickled me seeing David Hewlett!) I really enjoyed the fairy tale quality of the story even as it was definitely an adult movie.

Black Panther – Yes, saw it again! This time I saw it with the hubby and now I can talk about it with him. Joy! The movie is just as good the third time as the first. It’s fun and powerful and breathtaking!