poetry, TWITL

TWITL – week twenty-three – maybe you’ll say

maybe you’ll say
I have it all
living the dream
love and light
joy and curiosity
maybe you’ll say
how could it be
I made you laugh
I made you cry
I made you think
maybe you’ll say
I had no reason
to walk away
to end this dream
to turn to memory
maybe you’ll say
I should have reached out
talked about this darkness
talked about this fear
talked about this certainty
maybe you’ll say
there are no words
to this grief
to this pain
to this rage
maybe you’ll say
you didn’t know
maybe you did
maybe you didn’t
maybe it was my only way

The last day of school for our students was Thursday and it’s now Summer Break! I’m still trying to figure out what days to take off for break (I don’t get the summer off as I’m a 12 month employee). I know I’m going to make long weekends and also take a week off. I just need to figure out how greedy I want to be about those long weekends.

meat and cheese board plus beer at Stone Brewing

Yesterday we took a day trip to Napa. We checked out Stone Brewing then had lunch at Napa Valley Palisades. On our way home, we stopped at Heretic, which was recently expanded and looks great! It was lovely way to spend the day…