TWITL – week thirty-seven – seeing @JordanCWDavis again, excited about @TylerRichMusic’s Opry debut

I wrote a whole bunch of stuff with this week but let’s go with the stuff that makes me smile…

Jordan Davis in Sacramento

I bought the VIP experience for Jordan Davis because I wanted to say hello and take a picture with him. My ticket said to arrive by 5:30 PM and that I would get a VIP laminate along with the VIP. The directions were to arrive then check in at the merchandise table where I would receive my VIP items. I guess I should have read the last email because it was in that one where it said to pick up my laminate at will-call along with further instructions. (I just looked at the email now and saw the instructions. Oh jeez. The lesson here: READ THE LAST EMAIL!!!)

So I’ll skip my self inflicted confusion before the gates opened because I wandered to the right place at the right time and eventually followed the guide to the area where we got to say hello to Jordan and take a picture with him. I had just a few people in front of me and we didn’t have to wait too long before Jordan came down to meet and greet us.

Things I remember… Jordan told someone in front of me that he’s a Jimmy G fan (yah!)… His beard was shorter but still quite luxurious… When it was my turn, he held his hand out and introduced himself and we shook hands and I told him that we had met in San Jose. He said that I looked familiar and as we had our picture taken, I mentioned that I had finally met his brother. He said, yeah, he’s a good guy and when I asked when Jacob might come out with something new, he said early next year. (Does he really know? Is he right? Was I weird to even mention his brother?) And that was the extent of my time with Jordan. The pictures turned out pretty cool. Yah!

Me & Jordan

I ended up getting my laminate afterwards then we checked out our seats then got our food. We had a good view of the stage and no one sat on my other side the whole time we were there. We didn’t stay for the whole concert, leaving after the second act. I was truly and unabashedly there for Jordan.


Jordan Davis – Songs performed: “More Than I Know,” “Tough to Tie Down,” “Hard to Handle” (snippet), “So Do I,” “Slow Dance in a Parking Lot,” “Slow Hands” (snippet),“Take It From Me,” “Singles You Up.”

Jordan and his band were great! I knew all the songs from Jordan’s album and sang along. I didn’t think anyone could hear but lo, I sang along in some of the videos I recorded and I could hear me singing. Oops! I’m not sorry I was singing along but if it hurt anyone’s ears, ah well! Jordan sounded amazing and he’s a natural on that stage. His voice was strong, the music rocked, and it was the best way to spend the day turning to night.

Chris Janson – WOW, he’s is sooo good!!! He’s a beam of positivity and joy and gratitude and he’s a hoot to boot. I love how goofy he is but more so I love how he’s just so in it with all his heart. I knew a few of his songs and I enjoyed all them.

We didn’t stay for Jake Owen even though he was the headliner. I’m only sorry we didn’t get to see Jordan on stage again during Jake’s set…

Tyler Rich to make his Opry debut!!!

September 25th, Tyler Rich will step into that iconic circle on that Opry stage. I AM SO HAPPY FOR HIM!!! I wish I could be there. It would be so amazing to witness his first time at the Opry. My heart is so full for Tyler. He’s living his dream and it’s been such a joy being a fan watching this. He’s so talented and amazing on stage but even more he’s a wonderful person with a good heart.

But before that, on Friday, September 21st, Tyler’s self-titled EP will be released. NEW MUSIC!!! I pre-ordered the CD, which is bundled with a t-shirt as well as an autograph. I hope it arrives by Friday!