TWITL – week forty-one – end of fall break

was this just passing time
temporary laughter
fleeting love
because this was love
shining bright and true
now it’s gone
no wait, it lingers
hurt and blindsided
so many questions
never to be answered
was this just passing time
truth would have served better
not this one-sided game of pretend
were there rules untold
until this solitary moment
anger fires
despair wrings tears
then nothing
just time passing

I’d say more about why I wrote that poem but it’s not my story to tell. Broken hearts should only happen in stories and only for a little bit of time. When they happen to people we love, well, it’s sucks. What can you say to comfort? Words just seem empty sometimes. Your mind knows the truth in the words but your heart needs to feel it all before it syncs with your mind…

New phone!

So, I’ll have a non-expert review of the iPhone Xs after I’ve had it for a week because a couple of days of using it doesn’t really make for a fair assessment. What would I say about Xs so far? Well, it’s super pretty and fast, pictures look lovely, phone quality is excellent. Set up was easy because thank goodness for back-ups.

the lovely that's inside

I’ll take notes and have a more detailed rundown next week. Joy!

Oktoberfest, Brentwood style

We walked to downtown Brentwood for the Oktoberfest. I just wanted to see the dachshund parade. I love seeing bunches of dachshunds walking around in their cute outfits.


The beer was good and the food yummy.

Oktoberfest yummies

New hair

before & after the haircut
Before & After

The hair needed a trim so I got about four inches cut. I love going to the salon. I go to the same stylist every time because she’s just great. She always does an amazing job…


First Man – I was always going to watch this movie in the theatre because I am a Ryan Gosling fan and I’ve seen almost all his movies. When I found out that my friend Greg is in it too, well, I was determined to see it opening weekend. I watched the movie in IMAX and it was just gorgeous. I enjoyed the movie very much. Ryan was amazing and he made me want to cry a couple of times. Greg played Gordon Cooper and did not have any lines so I could only enjoy seeing him without hearing him. I wonder if he actually had any lines and they were just cut. It’s a bit of a bummer if so but I loved seeing him on the big screen. He looked good!

Blindspot – Sully on my tv!!! It was a good season premiere and I wonder 1) how long Jane is going to be Remi, 2) when will the team figure it out, 3) how will Weller react? I like how the show comes up with new ways to make the show crazy even if it makes me go a bit nutters. Mostly I like seeing Sullivan Stapleton on my tv.

Frankie and his daddy Sully
Sully & his puppers Frankie

Last babble

The kids are back in school tomorrow after two weeks off. Are they ready to come back? I’m not ready for them to come back. I’m actually already looking forward to the next holiday in November. This is the fun time of year with all the holidays and breaks!

I went to the library all the days I worked last week and I wonder if I’ll still do that once school starts up and I’m in my non-athletic shoes. It’s not that long a walk so I think I can do it in dressier shoes or boots. I love the walk and sit down in the library. I have a spot!…

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