TWITL – week eighteen – bday joy

I had another short week at work because I took my birthday off! If you can take off from work for your birthday, I always recommend it.

bday cake at work
birthday cake

The lovely folks at work had a cake for me for an early birthday moment of celebration. So sweet…

On my actual birthday (May 3rd), I stayed up to watch the Crusaders end their game in a draw. I was actually happy because they had been trailing for all of it so a non-loss was good for me! Later, I headed out to watch Avengers: Endgame for viewing number two. After the movie, I went over to the library for a bit before meeting the husband. We had dinner at BJ’s then went home. I wanted to take a nap but it ended up being my bedtime. I guess I was tired!

I did troll from some birthday wishes from the fellas and a few of them happily obliged. Of course, makes me love them more. And one who didn’t respond at least LOOKED at my instagram story. I’ll count that as a win.

Saturday morning
Saturday morning

On May the Fourth (yes, I had to do it), I had a quick appointment at the salon then we went to watch Avengers: Endgame. Yes, my third time seeing it but the first time for the husband. Seriously, I enjoy the movie very much and why do I still cry at the same parts?!… We also did a little shopping. I bought a couple of books (yes, real books) and a Star Wars figure (Val from Solo).


Today (Sunday) was my goddaughter’s First Communion so we headed to church. It was a long mass and the children were too cute in their dressy clothes. It’s been awhile since I’ve been to church (probably another First Communion) and it always strike me a little how they’ve modernized some of the responses. I don’t mind. It’s just a little different. After mass, we had lunch at my cousin’s house. It was very lovely spending time with family…

Happy Anniversary!
we met four years ago

April 30th marked four years since I first met Tyler Rich. I couldn’t help posting the above collage. I have more shots of the two of us but those four are from the first four times we met. Did I know that he would be a star when I first met him? I knew that he had that special something, that he could go far and he proves it every day. He is so special and he’s living the dream. It’s amazing to witness… (Now go check out “Leave Her Wild”!)