TWITL – week twenty-one – the long weekend

We’re at the end of the long weekend and even though I was home for most of it, I didn’t even think to write my blog. Boo!

One of my favorite places
the library, one of my favorite places

The weather was chilly this week but rather nice. I liked the cooler days. It’s odd though, the way it’s been so cool and cloudy as we near the end of May.

I was sick for most of the week. I stayed home on Monday and went back to work on Tuesday. The whole week just seemed to drag, especially on Wednesday. I was so glad by the end of the week. It’s funny, I write throughout the week and I don’t ever really use any of it for the actual blog.

Everybody Hates Kathy
Blindspot is back!

Blindspot – The show came back on Friday! I caught up on the previous episode on Friday since I couldn’t watch the show live because it was preempted by baseball. UGH!

Anyhoo, I’m glad Blindspot is back! The season finishes up next week then they have one more season to wrap up. I wonder what Sully will do once it’s over. I hope he finds another project right away…

When Flickr was down
random panda

Flickr went down during the middle of the week. They thought it would only take twelve hours but it was more like two, almost three days? It was annoying but I knew it would happen. The mobile app isn’t going as fast as I’d like but hopefully it figures itself out…