TWITL – week twenty-six – #TylerRich in concert @TylerRichMusic

Saturday night we saw Tyler Rich in concert! It had been almost a year since we last saw him so I was pretty excited for this show. It was made a whole lot more fun by getting to hang with the G Bar gang!

My Spell Breaker
my tattoo & Tyler Rich

We drove up to Lake County to visit with the G Bar gang at our friend’s house. It was a long drive for us (and super twisty!) and I was feeling pretty car sick for a portion of it. Not good times but the rest of the evening made up for it. Hanging out at our friend’s lovely place was fun! We got to catch up and play with kittens and have some food and drinks.

our group shot
the gang

The venue was the Cache Creek Vineyards and Winery. It’s a lovely spot and makes for an intimate concert experience. Tyler’s show was the first sold out show of the venue! SUPER SWEET!

Jackson Michelson on stage
Jackson Michelson

The opening act was Jackson Michelson. He was good! I got to meet him after his set but didn’t get a picture. Ooops! He was very nice. And he sounded great on stage.

Good time at the Tyler Rich concert
a snapshot of a very good night

Tyler came on stage just as the sun was setting. He began with “Just Like That” and we were off! He was on stage for over an hour and it just seemed to fly! Tyler’s stage presence has just gotten better and better. He sounded so great! I loved the new songs and sang along with the old songs. I was part of the “pit” crowd, almost at the front. It was fun being there with people I know. Everyone was so enthusiastic and it just made me more enthusiastic. Twas a joyful time!

Sabina joined us in the crowd and we shared the biggest hug. I missed her so much and told her so. She really is the sweetest person ever and I do love her. I know she (and Tyler) were super sad but they let our love for them comfort them, I think, if only for a little bit. She stayed in the crowd with us, taking pictures and watching Tyler. She still gets that loving look on her face when she’s watching him. So sweet.

I love her
with Beans

Tyler ended the show with “The Difference” and we all sang it loud! It was a great way to end the musical portion of the evening. Sabina was still with us but had to leave, promising to come back to visit with us. I took the opportunity to buy a koozie from Churro, who was working his ass off the whole time.

When I think of churros, I think of him...
when I think of churros, I think of him…

There were a few of us who had green room passes but we all ended up going up to see Tyler after the show because Sabina led the way. It gave me a chance to give Sabina her card and Tyler his letter. I also got pictures with Tyler, as is our custom. Sabina also took individual videos of us in regards to our thoughts on the song “Leave Her Wild.” I participated, of course, and she asked me about my Tyler tattoo and I told her the long story, which she loved.

with Tyler
with my favorite

It was a great night that ended with a long drive home and an ill advised stop at Taco Bell. We watched an episode of The 100 then basically crashed sometime in the 3 am hour. Good times, good times…