TWITL – week eight – didn’t feel like a short work week

maybe you’re waiting
convinced I’m not just a dream
until our paths cross

the pattern
the pattern slightly tweaked?


Have you ever been a fan of something, of someone only to be disappointed by something about them? But you stay with that something, that someone, because you’ve invested so much of your time and effort and love and you think letting go means it was a waste? Yes, I’m at the point right now. I don’t want to let go because I don’t want to accept the feeling of failure. But is it failure to feel disappointed by something that feels so utterly personal? I like my fandoms, my fellas because they bring me joy but I like to think I’m not such a blind follower that I’ll just overlook or ignore that personal stab. I keep thinking that I’ll get over it, that I’ll rise above it, but it just hasn’t happened yet. I think if it was just me in this thing, I would have let go a long time ago. But it’s not just me so I continue with half a heart. Maybe I don’t want to be the one to walk away. Maybe I’m just stubborn by keeping up with it all the way I do. Maybe knowing that what I do brings someone some kind of joy is why I keep doing it. I really don’t know…

Jack Whitehall contemplating this outfit to open the BRITs this week…

Jack Whitehall – My List went through an update the other day and there was a re-ranking of the four fellas. (Yes, my list is only four fellas deep, officially.) Everyone but Henry Cavill gets their turn to be my Number One so there it is. I know, poor Henry, right? Well, I’m sure he’s Number One for plenty of other fans. Does this mean Jack will be my first Listworthy of the new decade? Maybe. Maybe not. Let’s wait until his next birthday…


Samsung Galaxy Z Flip – No, I’m not going Android. I am quite loyal, probably to a fault, to my iPhone. But damn if I’m not utterly intrigued by the Galaxy Z Flip. I love that it’s out there and there are people using it. I doubt that anyone I know will buy one (I don’t know any early adopter types and those days are long behind me now) but I would love to hold one in my hand and flip it a few times.

I’ve watched a few reviews and I liked this one out of the bunch:

I like that there are companies out there trying out new things. I wish I had the means to try out all the devices out there but since I don’t, I must live with the reviews and such out there. Wouldn’t it be fun to have that as your job? Livin’ the dream!

The home computer – I’m spending more time on my home desktop, especially now that I’ve imported my iPhone photos and videos. I started to copy those files to one of my external drives and lo, I hit capacity! So of course I had to buy another external drive. I’m thinking a 2 TB drive should tide me over for awhile? Of course, I copied a lot of what was on my other drives to the new drive because you can’t have your files saved in too many places, right?


Picard – I am super digging this show! If you haven’t watched it yet, I encourage you to do so, especially if you’re a TNG fan or a Star Trek fan in general. Picard is so well done in so many ways and I am utterly entranced by it. I love the new characters and can’t wait to see what the next episode will bring. The show is well written, well acted, well directed and beautiful in so many ways…

Friday wine
Friday wine


I can’t believe we’re almost to February’s end. I know it’s a short month but for me it’s felt like the longest ever and yet here we are. I’ve gotten to a point in my work where I know how to manage my time so when I come out at the end of it and actually run the numbers on how much data entry I’ve inputted, it stops me for a moment. Have I really done that much? Maybe it doesn’t sound like a lot to other people but reading and logging about 300 transfers in a few weeks is a bit tedious. Then again, when I worked for the Sheriff’s Department, I’d process those kinds of numbers in one shift. I suppose it’s a matter of perspective, eh?

my first dog Meggie

I had a dream about my black Labrador, Meggie. In the dream, she was a bit puppy like, smaller and wanting to run around and jump on things. I miss having her and the other doggies. The picture above was taken about 18 years ago. She was the best dog ever and I’m glad she decided to visit me in a dream…