TWITL – week sixteen – reasons to celebrate

I’m so grateful I have a routine that involves leaving the house twice a week to work in the office. I think it’s keeping me from going stir crazy. I’ve had to figure out what work needs to be done NOW and what can wait a little. Consequently, I have lots of filing to do whenever I’m in the office. I can only do so much paperwork at home…

This past week was actually a good one. The highlights include:


Iris – My goddaughter turned nine this week! Where have the years gone? I still remember when she was a baby. I can’t wait to give her a hug next time I see her.

Alexys – My niece turned six this week! This lucky little lady got a parade drive by her house to wish her a Happy Birthday. How sweet is that? So sweet! My sister took video and Alexys looked to excited and happy.

Rich's Bi$ches - Zoom party
Zoom party with my fellow Rich’s Bi$ches

My fellow Rich’s Bi$ches had a Zoom party to celebrate Tracy’s birthday and Tyler’s first GOLD certified song for “The Difference.” It was so great “seeing” everyone and catching up. Lots of laughter and a little bit of music and so much love. It felt good to be together chatting…


Happy Anniversary to us!
Happy Anniversary!

We celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary on Thursday. I genuinely marvel at how many years we’ve been married. It really doesn’t seem that long ago that we got married. We have definitely had more good days than bad and that’s certainly something to celebrate.

We ordered dinner from Shirasoni and it was so good! Perhaps on the pricey side but I am so grateful that we can get good food delivered. After a full work day, it was nice to come home and have dinner delivered.

yummy dinner!
anniversary dinner


Parasite – We finally watched this one and WOW. It was a really good movie and I would definitely recommend it. It was dark and funny, brutal and thrilling, violent and dreary. Somehow it wasn’t a total downer in the end but it was definitely thought provoking. So many layers leaves you wondering what the hell happened and how you’d react in the same situation.


It’s a little frustrating how slow my re-write of “I’ll Dream of You Again” is going. Part of me wishes I could just re-write without consulting what’s already written but most of me likes having a reference for the story. I would LOVE to have the story finished by the year mark but lo, that’s not going to happen at the rate I’m going…

I’ve been writing a poem everyday. Not sure how long it will last but let’s say as long as Simon Kassianides reads a poem everyday (or posts one of his own, as he did this week), then I will write a poem everyday.

Simon reading poetry

And here’s a poem I wrote this week:

close your eyes
fall asleep
meet me
in your dreams

I’m waiting there
beyond the mist
one sweet sigh
you’re almost here

yes, it’s me
calling out your name
just reach out
I’ll take your hand

just fall asleep
I’m waiting here
beyond the mist
in your dreams