TWITL – week fifteen – what keeps us sane

It’s nice having a sort of routine now. It’s a weird routine but I feel less aimless, I suppose. Part of me wishes that I had chosen two days in a row to go in for work but I know it’s better to be in for Tuesdays and Thursdays.

this pattern
the pattern


I have been seriously slacking on the writing front. You’d think with all the time I have at home, I’d have more inclination to write but it’s been the opposite. I can’t seem to focus on my main story (the one I’m re-writing) so I’ve been reading my other unfinished stories to see if one of them lights a spark in me. So far, no go. At least I’ve been able to write a poem everyday, even if I do fall into the haiku too easily…

technology rocks
first zoom with sister & cousins

I had my first Zoom chat with my sister and cousins. Technology rocks! Yes, my background was Jack Whitehall. Ha! It was nice talking with my sister and cousins and we have another chat set up for the end of the week. Maybe I should use a different background next time. Maybe…

the work monitors one morning
the work monitors one morning…

Easter didn’t feel much different to me since we haven’t been doing family stuff for that holiday. Still, I felt bad for the families out there, including mine. My aunt has a big family and they usually get together on Easter and have fun times. This has to be the first time in MANY years that they didn’t have their big party. Alas!

And here’s a poem to end the post:

we keep trying
to smile
to laugh
to understand
in this strange time
this new reality
this crazy world
this heightened stress

we keep trying
to balance
to share
to embrace
what we can
this shared adventure
this isolation
this near desperation

we keep trying
to rest
to rejuvenate
to recharge
for the future
when we can touch
when we can hug
when we can heal
… so we keep trying