TWITL – week thirty-nine – first days of autumn

It doesn’t feel like autumn quite yet. As I write this Sunday afternoon, it’s in the mid 90s and the sun is bright in the sky. Where is the weather for sweaters and jackets? I’m so ready for it!

Cast & Blast 2020

The husband went fishing in Idaho and brought back some super lovely photos. I’m so proud of him for taking some pictures while he was away! He had a good time but is definitely in recovery mode right now. I missed him while he was away. We’d never been out of touch for that long in all the years we’ve been married, so it was a new thing for sure! I’m glad he’s home now…

Henry Cavill as Sherlock Holmes
The Holmes siblings, as played by Henry Cavill and Millie Bobby Brown

Enola Holmes (Netflix) – Hopefully this is merely the first installment of young Enola and her brothers because it was such a treat to watch! Millie Bobby Brown is so great in the role of the youngest Holmes sibling and of course I LOVED Henry Cavill as Sherlock Holmes. He certainly brings a different flavor to the role and I would love more. I definitely recommend this Netflix movie. Millie absolutely shines in it.

one of my home screens
one of my home screens

iOS 14 – The latest update has been interesting. I like the whole widget thing (even though it’s SO Android-esque). As you can see in the above screenshot, I’ve tinkered a bit with the icons. It’s a bit of a workaround because when I choose an app, it has to go through the shortcuts app before opening the app I actually want. It’s silly and I hope future updates make the process a little faster or maybe even unnecessary. It was easy enough to make the shortcuts and I have seen many examples online of people who’ve been super creative with their home screens. This is about as much as I want to do for now.

Chris Hemsworth, just because…


National Novel Writing Month – I think I’ve decided that I am going to write a sequel of sorts to my current story. It’ll be easier than what I did last year, which was a prequel to the story I was writing at the time. I’ll decide for sure by next weekend. I’d like to start the plotting of the November novel so the sooner the better.

“Marcus the Junior Matchmaker” – I’m still plugging away on this story but it’s going slow. I might just treat it as a short story and wrap it up soon. It will depend on when in the timeline I start the NaNoWriMo. I’m glad I’ll be spending more time with the characters. Maybe…


I think I need to stop telling myself, “Oh, they didn’t mean to say it that way. They meant [insert excuse here].”

something I tweeted this week here

In this day and age where we oftentimes write via messages for conversation, it’s easy to make excuses for things written just because you know the person. When you and your friends have an understanding borne of time and experiences, it’s easy to read tone in their words. Or so you think. Well, I think I’m tired of making excuses for some of the things people say. Maybe they didn’t mean it that way but you know what, if you’re taking the time to write the words, maybe take a moment to think of the words you’re about to write. I do my best to be mindful when I write and when I speak yet sometimes I don’t feel the same consideration from others. Am I getting to the point of not caring if what I say might not agree with some people? Maybe…

Cast & Blast 2020