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TWITL – week thirty-eight – a bit of solitude

I have never lived alone. It’s a strange thing to realize at my age but it’s true. I think it’s interesting when I think in terms of my writing. My characters oftentimes start off living alone because they’re already “established” and have the means to live alone. Yet I have never lived alone. So what the heck do I know about living alone?

Anyway, just a thought.

blue skies again
blue skies again

The skies cleared this week and they were blue again! The temperatures cooled just a touch but it’s still summery weather considering autumn is just a few days away. I look forward to the day when I can wear sweaters and that neat-oh Herc/Xena vest jacket of mine. I love wearing that vest! I also love taking selfies while wearing it then posting the picture and tagging Chris Conrad.

Nerd girl alert
total nerd girl

I had another Zoom meeting during the week, this time with my Rich’s Bi$ches. I decided on an Avengers-themed background because might as well make use of those screenshots I can’t seem to stop doing. Also, this is probably the only way I’ll ever get a picture with the two of them. Ahhh, gotta love technology. The Zoom meeting itself was great! It was great to some friends and fellow fans. We got treated to a few songs, which is always so amazing. I feel so lucky to be part of this group. They are such generous souls and I might have cried a little towards the end. So much love, so much love.


  • Earlier in the week, I dreamt that Saffy jumped on the bed and wanted to go out to handle some business. I had to get up and let her out and for some reason the other dogs were already outside and Saffy tried to come back into the house but I wouldn’t let her. Timothy Olyphant was also in the dream.
  • The other night (last night?), I dreamt that Chris Hemsworth was being detained and brought somewhere. His brother Liam was already there and they were not on good terms for some reason and Liam was ready to fight him. Not sure what my part in the action was or if I was just watching.


So maybe I shouldn’t have posted a picture of our CPN chat to the fan account. Actually, I think I quote tweeted myself with the fan account. Apparently there are other fans who seem to think that our chats are fan-sponsored events. My lovelies, they are not. Our CPN chats are just a bunch of women who happen to adore Aleks Paunovic getting together via Zoom to talk about almost everything but Aleks. Oh sure, we talk about him a little in passing but most of our chatter is about our own lives because WE ARE FRIENDS.

One of the CPN wrote on her twitter and Aleks replied thusly:

How can you not love him with that response? I LOVE that he is firm that it wasn’t a sponsored event but acknowledges that he is the reason we have come together. Because he is. And he loves it. And it makes me love him more. He’s so great. I hope we get to meet him all together one day. He’d probably have a ball with that. I think we should have a crazy CPN photoshoot.

12 Strong
Chris Hemsworth in 12 Strong


National Novel Writing Month will soon be upon us and I’m still in the not-sure-which-story-I-want-to-write phase. I’ve been fleshing out a few ideas and the one that seemed to have some legs is a continuation of my current story. I can consider what I’m currently writing the prequel, I suppose. I don’t want to let go quite yet of my current characters by creating a new set and probably using a different muse to play the male character. (For some reason, Simon Kassianides wants to play another character of mine.) Still, another story could spring up in time for November. I will keep working on it. I’ll likely need the distraction come November…

Ohhh, blue skies
more blue skies…


  • Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died on Friday, September 18. She was 87 years old and a fighter until the very end. It’s a total punch to the gut but I think she would not want us to break or crumble in despair but to gather our wits and fight. She gave us all a bit of her spark and it’s up to us to stoke it until it’s a fierce blaze. What will you do with your spark?
  • I changed layouts here at my blog. I wanted something a little different. Oh, and I added my IG feed to the sidebar. Let’s see if it stays connected. I should probably update some of the pages. The about the site page is super old! But really, does anyone wander through my website? I don’t think so.
  • What if you had the phone number of one of your favorites but you’ve never called it? Would you call it just to see if they still have the number? Or perhaps text? Or just leave it, like a little secret?
  • iOS 14 – Well, I was using the public beta on my iPad so I didn’t notice much of a difference there. The iPhone, on the other hand, has some neat stuff. I especially like moving apps to the app library. I need to do more of that or just freakin’ delete some apps from my phone. The update to the Apple Watch seems more incremental than anything for me but it’s working great so far. On the hardware front, the new iPad Air looks especially spiffy (I’d LOVE that green one) and the Apple Watch looks nice but not anything so different as to make me want to upgrade (I have the Series 4 Apple Watch)…
  • This year, a new mobile phone – But will I stay with Apple or turn my world upside down and go back to Android? Apple did not announce the new iPhones on Tuesday (as rumored) but I know I should wait until they do before I contemplate what my next phone will be. Now, there’s nothing wrong with my current phone (iPhone XS) except it’s getting older and it’s almost paid off and I feel the itch for something new. It’s actually a rather beautiful slab of tech and I wish I could walk around with it sans case. Alas, I am clumsy and must have a case so that the resale value stays high. I am probably going to end up with the next iPhone but how tempted am I to plunk down too much money (no, it won’t happen) for a Motorola Razr or Samsung Z Flip 5G? SUPER TEMPTED. (But it won’t happen.) I figure, if I go Android, I should go cutting edge and ditch the slab form factor and choose one of the flip open phones. The update to the Razr looks so good and the Z Flip is just a beauty. But are either of them better than my two year old phone? For their prices, I hope so!
my memoji watchface
my memoji watchface

A poem I write earlier this week:

when you realize life is finite
every breath like sweet nectar
every moment a memory in the making
you could rage
you could break
you could scream at the heavens
or you can laugh
you can love
you can whisper gratitude through the tears
every smile a beam of sunshine
every moment memorized
when you realize
this is life