TWITL – week thirty-six – #TwoThousandMiles


Tyler RichTwo Thousand Miles – Tyler’s debut album dropped on Friday, September 4th. I LOVE that he announced it on Monday and we only had to wait until the end of the week to have it in our ears. Of course I love it. Of course I spent the whole day Friday just listening to a playlist of all Tyler. Of course I’m going to recommend the album. I love all the songs but right now, at this moment, the song in my head is “Real Love.” I first heard the song during one of Tyler’s IG lives during shelter-in-place and the lyrics echoed the feelings in the story I’m currently writing.

Two Thousand Miles

Sam Hunt – Sam did a livestream concert and I watched it and I realized how much I still adore him. It feels a little throwback with him though. Is that a strange thing to say? His music still makes me stop and he played a new song called “23” and I think he should release it. It was so good. (Click on the link to have a listen.) I love the vibe of the song. Sam is an exceptional songwriter and as much as people might want to dismiss him, he knows how to write songs that squeeze your heart…

Sam Hunt

Carly Pearce – “Next Girl” (single) – I love Carly Pearce so much that I bought this song without listening to it. Not one note heard before clicking “buy.” And you know what, it’s a fantastic song! Add it to your playlist. She’s fantastic and the song is catchy as hell.


I’m nervous. It’s happening. OMG! And that’s it, that the aside.


One of my favorite people at work retired and her last day was Friday. I wrote this and posted this on her last day:

I am seriously going to miss her! She is amazing and made work feel less like work. I could always go to her with work questions but she also listened to the other stuff too and I always appreciated it so much. I will miss how supportive she was and knowing she was there if I ever needed her. I’m so happy for her, most of all, because she gets to enjoy her family and plan her days as she sees fit…

one of my favorites


The Go-Go’s (documentary, Showtime) – We watched this documentary the other night and it reminded me how much fun their music was. I didn’t know a lot of their history even though I knew their hits. I loved a lot of Belinda Carlisle songs when she went solo. If you have Showtime, give the doc a watch.

The Kingmaker (documentary, Showtime) – This documentary is about Imelda Marcos. As an American with Filipino heritage, I came away from this with mixed emotions. I found it interesting and fascinating. I also thought that Imelda had many delusions of grandeur. She fancies herself and her family as saviors of the Filipino people? She talked about being a mother to all of the country yet she’ll kick out a whole island of people– her people– so that animals brought from Africa can roam free? It was disturbing to watch and it made me sad and angry that my parents’ homeland is still in such turmoil. But how do my parents feel about their homeland? Do they pay mind to any of the politics there? (Maybe not, as they don’t pay too much attention to the politics here at home.)

Lovecraft Country (HBO) – I’m enjoying this show. I love how the weirdness of the supernatural stuff counters the reality of that time in history. There are some interesting layers to the show and they all mesh together in good ways.

The Vow (HBO) – This documentary on the NXIVM group is an eye opener. I knew a little bit about the group (mostly because of Allison Mack’s involvement) but each episode just adds more to the story. I am fascinated by how these articulate and intelligent people fell into such a group.

Mission: Impossible - Fallout
Henry and the mustache in Mission: Impossible – Fallout


National Novel Writing Month 2020 – I know, it’s super early to be thinking about this but I am thinking about it. My default has been writing romance novels (because I do so have so much fun writing them) but I’ve been toying with writing the sci-fi epic, this time from the other planet’s perspective. I have thoughts on how to tackle it and it’ll almost be a mirror of sorts to the first story I wrote. I like the symmetry of it. I also like that I already have an idea of how I’d like the story to progress. Maybe. And yet, a new romance novel would be fun to write too, especially if I finish my current story by then. Speaking of…

“Marcus the Junior Matchmaker” – This story is going so slow! I don’t know why. I’ve lost momentum but I keep trying to write in it at least a few times during the week. Also, I still need to have more of the character in the title. Or I need to change the title.

The Avengers
Thor, for no reason at all…

Random Musings

  • This triple digit weather is not my favorite thing, especially in September. Shouldn’t I be able to start thinking about wearing sweaters and the like? No? Damn.
  • I am ready for a new phone. I love my current phone but it’s getting a bit long in the tooth for me. I’d like something new. The CRAZY thing is that there are Android phones out there that are catching my eye. Of course, the cool stuff I wouldn’t mind having cost SO MUCH. I miss the days when we were early adopters and spent money without much thought (even though we should have thought a lot about it).
  • I wish I had more experience (or any really) in video editing.
  • Remember that letter I wrote to that unnamed Listworthy? I wonder, what would I say to him now if I had a chance?
  • Elsa Pataky just posted a Happy Father’s Day to her husband, Chris Hemsworth on her IG and it’s him with one of the kids having a bubble bath. Why do I love her so much for doing that? Also, SHOW OFF!
Give “Real Love” a listen…