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TWITL – week eight – I know when you look

Remember when I used to use a line to whatever poem I wrote as the title to the blog post? Maybe I should write a poem and go from there.

I know you know
I know when you look
it shouldn’t matter to me
it doesn’t matter to me
except for that little thrill
I can never subdue
knowing that you know
knowing when you look
I’ll say I don’t feel a thing
because I don’t feel a thing
except for that little spark
making me smile
you must know I know
whenever you look
it shouldn’t matter to you
it doesn’t matter to you
I’ll keep telling myself
even if it’s a lie
because I know
when you look

Sometimes I have no idea what my poetry means and sometimes I do. I should write more of it, especially when my fiction writing is stalled, like right now. I feel like I need to start my story over (I do like the characters) but I keep grinding away because I do like some of what I’ve written so far.


WandaVision – (Disney+) – “Previously On” – Is there really only one more episode left? It’s been such a good show. Elizabeth Olsen is really rather magnificent in the role and I love this devling into her story. And really, she’s becoming something new too, isn’t she? I’m going to be sad when the show ends but I’m glad that I stuck with it because it’s been very rewarding.

Clarice – (CBS) – So, in a move I thought we’d never take, we signed up for CBS All Access which is going to be Paramount+ come Wednesday. They’re having a good deal right now so why not? And the first show we watched was Clarice. It’s a really good show! We’re caught up now and I’m very much enjoying it so far. Rebecca Breeds is rather exceptional in the role of Clarice Starling.

Fry's in Fremont
Fremont Fry’s 2007

Fry’s Electronics is no more. The stores are now closed and the website is just a statement of their closure. I’m so sad! We last went into Fry’s in Concord in December 2019 and it was a mere shell of itself. It seriously makes me sad. The first Fry’s I ever visited was the little one in Fremont/Milpitas (which was it?). When the Fremont one opened, it was so wonderful because it was so big. It wasn’t like the ones in other places, which apparently had different facades, but I still loved it nonetheless. The Concord store was even less brash and actually not as fun as the Fremont one. I did check out the one in Roseville once. Is that the one that had the train bursting out of the front? Oh, and then there was the one in Phoenix, which I think I still dream about sometimes.

I will miss wandering the aisles at Fry’s. I still have my one iPod dock at work that I bought at Fry’s. (I will continue to use it as long as I have an iPod!) We have DVDs and blu-rays that we bought at Fry’s. I might have bought a phone there once and I know we’ve bought games and CDs there too. I suppose it was inevitable that Fry’s would go away, given the likes of Amazon and other online stores. But still, it’s just SAD. ALAS!


Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) – I re-watched this movie yesterday and lo, it hits so differently after watching WandaVision. I think I appreciate the movie much more after knowing more about Wanda. Of course, there’s a little continuity thing that made me snicker a little but other than that, Age of Ultron definitely deserves another look after watching WandaVision. Also, Chris Evans is extra easy on the eyes in the movie. (I’m a Hemsworth girl but Evans has always been there for me too.)

what if I had purple hair...
What if I had purple hair?

The hair color changing filter on Instagram is really cool. I love doing the purple hair. So pretty!

  • We keep watching videos about Thailand. Maybe we’ll take a vacation there because wow, our money would go further out there!
  • I keep checking out the recap videos for WandaVision and there’s so much to take in! I love all the theories and comic tie-ins but I do stop myself with possible leaks. Just one more episode and then what will I do?
  • I was reading an old convention entry (WonderCon) and why didn’t I remember that I’d seen Neil Gaiman during a panel?! I’m so glad I write down all this stuff because what the heck!
  • I hope Henry Cavill gets to play Superman one more time in a movie. There’s talk about a reboot but please, let him play the Man of Steel one more time. He’s just so perfect in the role.