TWITL – week twelve – warming up too fast

It’s only been spring for a week and the weather feels like it’s trying to skip it and go right into summer. I know some people want to do that but I do not. Spring used to be my favorite season but it just never seems to last long enough to savor. Summer-like weather follows much too quickly. I’m seriously just not ready for it.

This past week was Spring Break for the students out here and I only worked three days. But lo, they were busy three days! It was nice not having too many people around as I did not get interrupted with what I needed to do. So I did a lot. Now I have lots of things I need to file and such. I have a handle on it, so that’s always good.


The Falcon and the Winter Soldier – (Disney+) – This one started last week. It’s nice to see Sam and Bucky and what they’ve been doing since the last Marvel movie. I’m enjoying it so far. It is VERY different from WandaVision but that’s to be expected, eh? I’ve only watched a few recap videos on YouTube so far and maybe I’ll keep it that way. I like the comic book Easter eggs but sometimes the recaps reveal too much about possible next plot points. I should just take the episodes as they’re presented, right?

pretty sky

My second dose of the vaccine is tomorrow! I’ll be so glad when it’s done. Fingers crossed that I don’t react too badly to it. Don’t feel like missing a day of work feeling crappy.

For some reason I’ve been listening to Sam Hunt’s album Montevallo these past couple of weeks, which leads me to a story I never finished about a country singer who comes back to the woman he once met. I thought it was a decent story. I should probably finish it.

The story I should be writing – “Ever at Odds” (working title) – has me stuck. Part of me wants to take the characters and re-write their whole story but I don’t want to start over. Now here’s the funny thing– the male character is a writer who is at a crossroads on his current project, which of course involves the female character. I’ll figure it out, hopefully.

the Snyder Cut

Here’s to a good week! Wear your mask, wash your hands, keep your distance. We’re so close!