TWITL – week sixteen – springtime joy

The A’s had a winning streak that was snapped the other day. It was fun to watch some of the games and to see them win. I still feel a bit distant from baseball. It’s taking me a bit of time to feel its allure…

corn hole

The hubby played some corn hole on Saturday morning. It was such a lovely day! We were in a neighborhood park in Oakley. It was a nice crowd and there was even a food truck there. Philly cheesesteaks, so good! I should have worn sunscreen because I did get a bit of sun.

a bit of sun...

I wore my second Mandalorian themed t-shirt. The Nite Owls again, of course. I tagged Simon Kassianides in my IG story post of me wearing the t-shirt because of course I did. (And he saw it. Ha!)


We had our CPN chat on Saturday night. I always love chatting with these ladies. We have such wonderful and funny conversations. It’s especially fun when the Universal Yums box is opened. We voted on which one was to be sampled and we chose a good one, I think. Well, for us to watch at least.


MORTAL KOMBAT – A fun movie with lots of action. A good watch.

The Nevers – I’m digging this show. Loving the supernatural bend a lot.

Superman and Lois – This show is on HBO Max so now we get to watch it. I’m enjoying it! Even though Henry Cavill is my Superman, I like this tv version of my favorite Kryptonian.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier – Why is it already over? Such a good show! I’m going to miss the banter between Sam and Bucky and I hope that when the next Captain America movie comes out, they’re a team like they were in the show.

wearing one of the school shirts

My birthday is in a week. I’ll be off from work at least but no other plans really.

Wear your mask, wash your hands, keep your distance, and get your vaccine when it’s your turn.