TWITL – week fifteen – lovely spring time

We had our 27th wedding anniversary on Friday. TWENTY-SEVEN years! It sounds like long time (and it is) yet it doesn’t seem that long ago. Someone asked what the secret of our long lasting relationship is and the hubby answered beer and lots of love. Truth!

Happy Anniversary to us!

We went out to dinner at Black Angus for our anniversary. It was probably one of our first real sit down, in restaurant meals together in a long time. The restaurant did a good job of keeping people at a good distance. Our little corner had no other patrons and it was really nice. The food was good, of course, and it was a lovely dinner.

anniversary dinner


The Falcon and the Winter Soldier – (Disney+) – “Truth” – Episode 5 was the longest one so far and filled with so much. There were some laughs, some serious moments, some touching bits. I’m anxious to see how it ends.

Prodigal Son – The show came back this week and it was as good as ever. Another show I love to watch. Alan Cumming was so over the top delicious in his guest turn. And lo, Catherine Zeta-Jones has such great moments with Michael Sheen. A good episode that seems to resolve a major plot line. But does it? We shall see…

it's healing

The new tattoo is healing along quite nicely. I think it looks so good. I seriously want another one! I probably won’t get one anytime soon but it’s fun to think of what I might get next (beside the musical one I’m definitely going to get when that number one song hits).

sushi the other night

The weather is already getting ridiculously warm. We’ve already turned on our a/c at home. Alas! Spring does not last as long as it should. Summer just seems to be right at its heels. I’m so not ready for it.

Happy Birthday to my goddaughter Iris. She’s ten! Where has the time gone?!

Happy Birthday to my niece Alexys! She’s seven. I’ll always remember how old she is because she was born on our 20th wedding anniversary.

a bit of wine one afternoon

Wear your mask, wash your hand, keep your distance. When it’s time for you to get your vaccine, get it done.