TMITL – November (weeks 45, 46, 47, 48)

National Novel Writing Month was a success for me!

Quick stats:

  • title – Enough is Full of Romance (though I wrote it as Almost Maybes)
  • genre – romance (umm, big surprise?)
  • 50,000 words – November 23
  • final word count – 60,107 words

Not too bad! I probably could have written more but I had to balance time between writing, work, and family time. I had planned on a different story (still romance, of course) but Distraction Crush, as I call him, wanted to play Muse so I had to comply. I ended up with a story that had a lot of intimate scenes as the characters were super hot for each other. Ha! 

I wrote the story under the title “Almost Maybes” (Jordan Davis song) for the whole month but near the end realized that “Enough is Full of Romance” (a line in a Ben Barnes song) served the characters a bit better.

And now that I’m finished, I want to write more. But do I want to go through the possible editing process or start a whole new story? I’m still not sure.

Saw Eternals again

Week 45 – The short week! Three days of work then off for a long weekend! I watch Eternals again. This time I sat through the whole movie. Good for me.

with the nieces

Week 46 – I wrote a lot for National Novel Writing Month then my sister and her family arrived on that Saturday. It was so wonderful to see them again! My nieces are growing so fast. We hung out a bit with them on Saturday then on Sunday, we headed to Palo Alto to watch them play lacrosse. Such fun times!

niece and goddaughter behind me
when we all watched girls lacrosse

Week 47 – Thanksgiving Week!

Monday we went to San Francisco via the ferry from Alameda. We walked all the way down to Pier 39 after having lunch at the ferry building. It was a GORGEOUS day and actually rather warm. The ferry back home just after dusk was so lovely. The lights of the city had come on and it was such a sight as we headed back to Alameda.


We had our Thanksgiving gathering on Wednesday as my sister and her family would go back home on Thanksgiving. It was a lovely time together.

Thanksgiving outtakes

All too soon, time with my sister and her family ended and the next day they were on a plane back home. We didn’t do much on Thanksgiving ourselves, staying home and relaxing. Friday we hit the bars for a couple of hours. Saturday we went to the Notre Dame vs Stanford game. The Irish won, so GOOD TIMES!

good times at Stanford Stadium

And then Thanksgiving Break was over! I finished my National Novel Writing Month Novel on the 30th, which was Tuesday. I was happy to get to 60k words and I’m mostly satisfied with the way the story ended. I do like the characters a lot so I might spend more time with them and edit the story. Maybe I’ll try to make it good enough for other people to read. We’ll see.

A whole full week back to work and it wasn’t so bad. It actually went by rather fast, which is a bit weird. Maybe it’s the time of year. I walked City Park every day during my lunch break after seeing how much I gained over the break. Ye gods! But oh, the park is rather lovely this time of year with the fallen leaves and cool sunshine.

City Park

And that’s November plus this past week. I suppose I’ll be back to writing weekly. Why not, right?