TWITL – week three – “normal” sick

So this is how I know I’m getting out and about more– I have a cold. I had a cold last month too but it was super mild and hardly inconvenient. My cold this time has the congestion, wannabe runny nose, and aches. I tested for COVID on Friday and was blessedly negative so this is just “normal” sick.

Isn’t it wild to be relieved that it’s just “normal” sick? As blah as I feel, it’s nice to know it’s just a cold. And hey, no fever, so even better! Just aches, a cough, and a wannabe runny nose. Joy.

morning moon


The Envoys [Paramount+] – We watched this show over a couple of days. It was dubbed and the translation seemed a little awkward in parts but I still enjoyed it. When the names of the cast flashed on the screen, I realized that I follow one of them on Instagram and I don’t know why. Why and when did I start following that particular actor? So strange… The show was entertaining and interesting and didn’t go the way I thought it would but I didn’t mind…

Peacemaker [HBO Max] – When this show was announced, I was mildly looking forward to it. Then one of my favorites was cast and I got a bit more excited. I didn’t realize until just before the show premiered that my favorite was replaced and my excitement waned a little. So we didn’t watch until four episodes had dropped. It’s funny and touching and just down right fun.

during my walk

So even though I’m “normal” sick, I have to test negative before I go back to work. Better to be safe than sorry! I think I should take some cough syrup before bed like I did last night. It helped me sleep at least…