TWITL – week eight – it felt like a long week

It was a four day work week and it felt like a regular week. What the heck?! And now it’s Sunday and the weekend is almost over…

latest piece from 1888 Design
my latest piece from 1888 Design

My latest piece from 1888 Design arrived on Thursday. I ordered it on Monday and it arrived before the end of the week. So cool! And I love it, of course. I’m always tempted by anything green and I think they know it.


Rick and Morty – The hubby pressed play on this show and what a damn hoot it is! It’s so weird and entertaining and how is it we’ve never watched it before? Definitely an adult show and utterly irreverent but so hilarious.

Sense8 [Netflix] – We apparently tried watching this show when it first came out and didn’t get past the second episode. We’re trying it out again and we’re about halfway through the first season. I’m enjoying it! And yes, I wanted to watch it for reasons. (We all know the reasons, right?)

Narcos [Netflix] – I haven’t finished the third season yet. Almost there! Such a good show, if you like that kind of stuff.

Sky Rojo [Netflix] – Watching this for a second time around, this time with the hubby watching and with the English dubbing on. Let me just tell you, the voice they chose to dub Moises is just SO WRONG. Why couldn’t Miguel Ángel Silvestre dub his character in English? Ye gods.

"Fear Weighs 10,000 Tons"

I don’t know what to say about the state of the world right now so I just won’t. Times like this make me appreciate the beauty in the little things. Find the joy, my lovelies, because it’s there. And if you can help, then help…

strawberries and cream mimosa