TWITL – week twenty-four- seriously, go watch #RRRmovie (plus other musings)

I cannot stop thinking about how RRR is such a fantastic movie. Everyone should watch it. (Well, adults should watch it. Not sure how appropriate it would be for the younglings out there.) I love the movie so much that I wanted some kind of merchandise to show my adoration for it and I rather impulsively bought a t-shirt online:

bought this t-shirt because RRR is an amazing movie...

It’s not like I *need* another t-shirt to add to my collection but this is what happens when I’m up after midnight and high on guessing the Wordle, I suppose. And of course, I just had to tweet about it because why not, right?

So the tweet above is my most popular tweet, EVER. (Definitely beating out the tweet one year of that old picture of me with Ryan Gosling, Dean O’Gorman, and Joel Tobeck.) I suppose it helps that the official RRR movie account replied to it. And I think that people must follow the hash tag because how else to explain the over 700 likes (as of this writing) so far? I don’t care if you it might not be your cup of tea– give the movie a go because it does not disappoint at all! I would love to see this movie on the big screen because I bet it ROCKS even more. Oh, those lucky ducks who got to see it in a movie theater.


Spiderhead [Netflix] – It’s so interesting seeing Chris Hemseworth in different roles. This movie was a decent watch with an intriguing premise. It was well done, looked good, well acted. I thought Chris did a good job in his role. I’m not a big Miles Teller fan but he did well. Jurnee Smollet is always a treat to watch…


Star Trek: Strange New Worlds – I am digging this show so much. I can’t even explain it at the moment. Maybe I’ll have better words after the season is over. “The Serene Squall” (S1 E7) had an excellent protagonist who gave us some insight into Vulcans, especially Spock.

Obi-Wan Kenobi – Another show that I’m very much enjoying. Even though I’m not sure it was necessary, I have enjoyed this glimpse into Obi-Wan, as well as the other characters we have met in the movies.

our Saturday

Saturday we headed out to Manteca for an engagement party. Our friend is getting married in August in Jamaica and this was my first time meeting his fiancée. It was a good time seeing everyone. I haven’t personally seen some of them for a few years. There was a lovely breeze and we were able to hang out in the open air.

My mother’s only brother died this past week. I didn’t know my Tito Alvin, having only met him a few times over the years. What did he like to do, what was his favorite childhood memory? Did he have a favorite song? Did he like sports? I don’t know any of these things. What story would he have liked for people to remember him by?

Even though I didn’t spend very much time with him, I can still remember his voice. Did we ever have a real conversation? I don’t think we ever did, since I was probably a kid the last time I saw him. I hope the memory of him brings comfort to the ones who knew him…