TWITL – week twenty-nine – counting down

newest cap

Here we are at Sunday night again. The weather has been much too warm so thank goodness for air conditioning! I did some “shopping” with my Disney Movies Insider points and “bought” a bunch of stuff, including the hat featured in the picture above. If you’ve seen the latest Thor movie, then you might have noticed the hat. I’m not usually one for red hats but I couldn’t really resist the Thor gear.


The Gray Man [Netflix] – Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans, and Ana de Armas star in this new Netflix movie and OF COURSE I watched it. Evans was so over the top in that delightfully evil way and that mustache definitely helped. He looked like he was having so much fun and he was definitely fun to watch. de Armas was lovely and super kickass. And Ryan. Ahhh, Ryan. LOVED him in this movie and I want to see more of him as this character. Also, he looked great.


Westworld [HBO] – This show always finds a way to just go nuts and I love it. The episode before tonight (we haven’t watched the latest one yet) was one of those mind benders and I love mind benders. We should really watch the next episode… ETA: And we watched the latest episode. Another mind bender! Oh, this show!


We went to a lovely baby shower today. It was nice seeing people out and about for the soon to be parents. I loved their idea of giving a book instead of a card, writing in the book so that every time they read from it, they’ll know who gave them the book. So neat!

The Mighty Thor

One more week of summer break then school starts for the kids out this way. It comes so fast! But I’m not counting down to the start of school. Oh no, I’m counting down to our vacation. I’ll have more to say when we’re there but just four days of work before we head off!