TWITL – week forty-nine – beautiful cool and gloomy

Maybe it’s weird that I like the cool and gloomy weather. I don’t mind the chill in the air, the clouds in the sky, the gray gloom of falling rain. If I say it’s cold, it’s not a complaint, it’s merely an observation. I find that I complain more about the summer weather than I do the autumn into winter weather. We’re lucky here in that nothing gets too extreme and as I’ve gotten older, I like the cooler weather than the hotter. Of course, if I lived in a tropical place like Hawaii, I wouldn’t complain.

CPN - December 2022
CPN chat

Last night we had our CPN chat. LOVE getting together online with these ladies. We share about our lives and the latest goings on and sometimes mention the fella who brought us together– Aleks Paunovic. (I’m still mad that I didn’t know he and Ed Quinn were in the Bay Area last week! Not that I would have gone to San Jose to find them but damn.) We still miss our fellow Puddler, Kim, and I hope she sees us getting together from her place in the afterlife. I bet she’s laughing with us and commiserating too when we do. I’m grateful for these ladies and I’m so glad that we’re still doing our video chats…

smiles from the holiday party
smiles from the holiday party

Friday night was the holiday party we’ve been attending for the past five years or so (except for 2020, I think). This time we were at Harrison Ranch, which was a very cool space to have a party. We got lucky with the weather– no rain! It was cold and crisp though, which was a lovely respite from the warmth of the inside… The White Elephant was fun and I was happy because I got a blanket. Love when I can score a blanket! It also came with a bottle of wine. Nice!… The employees had a raffle to pick from a table of goodies and the hubby chose a pair of Apple AirPods Pro 2. Merry Christmas to me! They’re mine because he has a Samsung Z Flip 4 and though the AirPods Pro will work on it, they’re better suited to my iPhone 14 Pro Max. I have such a good husband…

Chippy Charlie & Spicy Sally

So it paid off to dust off that resumé. I have an interview on Wednesday morning. I’m excited and a little nervous. The position is new and will work from the front building, so it’s still at the district office. I think I have a fair chance. Wish me luck!

my work space


  • I’m hit by nostalgia at times and I love to tell stories about the conventions I’ve attended and the people I’ve met. I’m so glad for the friends that I’ve made and the friends that I’ve had and even the friends who’ve decided to step away. We had such good times and those times make me smile…
CPN - December 2022
  • I love how technology keeps me connected with the friends I’ve met in person and the friends I’ve yet to hug. This world is a crazy place and staying in touch with friends is important and should not be taken for granted. I could write a whole essay on what exactly I want to say but that’s for another time, I think…
  • The 49ers game today was magnificent.
  • The noise cancelling on the Apple AirPods Pro 2 is amazing.
  • I’m listening to The Sandman on Audible. It’s so good.
  • Still not sure how I’m going to use the new places– Mastodon and Post. I’ve already muted someone on Post and I’m reading too many, “If you use Twitter, you’re supporting a Nazi,” comments that just turn me off. Just because I’m on Twitter does not mean I support the jackassery and if you think that I am supporting the jackassery just because I’m there, well, that’s your opinion. Good for you for making your choice. Now leave others to theirs.
evening shot

And it’s almost time for bed. The weekends go by so quickly…