TWITL – week 30 – last week of summer break

It’s not even close to the end of summer but the last day of summer break has passed. Monday brings the first day of school for the students out this way. Am I ready? Nope! I’m sure I’m not the only one. 😉

weird angle?
I like how you can read my tattoo in this shot…


It was actually a decent week at work, even though I didn’t get as much filing done as I should have. I had a lot of non-routine stuff happen during this last week of summer break: getting that staff ID done at Liberty High School; Operation Success, hosted by Student Services; helping pass out schedules on Staff Development Day at Freedom High School; Convocation on Friday at Liberty High School.

last day of walk-thru at LHS
last day of walk-thru at Liberty HS

We walked over to Liberty HS to get our staff IDs taken. I love going to the school sites, mostly because my visits are very few and far between. I feel oddly fascinated by everything and I always walk away thinking how lucky our students are that they have opportunities to learn in such facilities. I can only compare to my high school days and even though Liberty HS is older than my own high school, it’s still has so much more than my high school even has now.

outside at work

On Tuesday, the Student Services department hosted Operation Success. This was the second year for this. I helped a little with the morning prep then I was back in the office to tend to my desk. I think there was a decent turn-out but it was definitely hot outside and there’s a thought to perhaps have it indoors next year…

the quiet of the quad
the quiet of the quad

On Thursday morning, I headed to Freedom High School to help pass out schedules to the teachers for Staff Development Day. It was nice to see the familiar faces but lo, so many new faces! I stayed for the keynote speaker (she was great!) then visited with the registrar for a fair bit of time. It’s neat being on campus when it’s break. There was a certain kind of peace and it was rather lovely and hopeful. What inspiration will spark the students this school year?

at the end of convocation

Convocation was Friday morning. I’ve only missed one and it was the one where I would have gotten my 15 year pin. I’m still a little bummed I missed it last year. Oh well! This year’s was filled with promise and good vibes. It’s truly one of my favorite work days because almost everyone who works for the district is gathered in one place to be reminded of how much they mean to the students and to the community. I got to see my friends and co-workers receive their service award pins. I also marveled at the fact that we’ve all been there for so long. The years have just flown!

pastries and a mimosa
Farmers Market goodies

We went to the Farmers Market today and alas, no corn in a cup this time! They weren’t in their usual spot and I was a little disappointed. I hope it’s just a one-off thing because I love my corn in a cup! Since I couldn’t have that, I went with my croissants. I had two and they went quite well with my two mimosas. The peach mimosa was delicious! The guava mimosas was also delightful.


  • Joy Ride – I laughed, almost cried, and related to the characters in the movie. I thought it was hilarious and touching and sexy and odd and most definitely adult. I recommend it for the mature, adult crowd who’s open to laughing and feeling without judgement.
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 – Samsung Unpacked happened earlier this week and the latest Z Flip was announced. My friend told our group chat about how she pre-ordered it and how much it would cost after a trade-in of her phone. Just for my amusement, I pretended to pre-order for myself, putting my current Flip as the trade-in only find that the cost of the new phone would be $99. WHAT?! I laughed a little but the secret part of me was thinking, “Oh, wouldn’t that be cool?!” So of course, told the hubby and he ended up ordering the phone for me. SWEET GOODNESS! I get to continue cosplaying a tech reviewer. Fantastic.
  • Wham! – The documentary on Netflix strummed those nostalgic strings and I really enjoyed it, even though it was bittersweet at times. There’s always the music to comfort, eh? I was still a teenager when Wham! disbanded but they were definitely part of the soundtrack of my life, especially since George Michael went on to have a successful solo career. Watching the film reminded me of my conversation with Trevor Guthrie and how he was disappointed when bands changed too much or disbanded. He had given Wham! as an example and I had agreed with him. But now, after watching the documentary, I’m actually glad that Wham! didn’t continue, especially since it seemed that they enjoyed their time together without any untoward drama. They will always be young, they will always be that snapshot of pop, living in that moment to the fullest, knowing when it was time to let go…
  • MacBook Air – I am very much enjoying my new laptop! It’s slick, it’s quiet, it does everything I need it to do. I’m learning how to do different things on it and it’s been fun. I’ve been downloading my music to it and was quite relieved that connecting my iPod (I still have a few) was easy enough. I’m having my photos app read from my external drive but I’m almost re-thinking how I download my photos because it seems I need the photos app to access the photos. What if I want to connect my external drive to a non-Mac computer? Will I still be able to access the photos that way?

Shadow and Bone
The Darkling


Secret Invasion – The show has completed its run. How do I feel about it? I thought it was well done but the end felt a little rushed. I think we could have spent more time getting to that end. The actors did a great job, of course, and I suppose the story has gotten us to the point we need for the upcoming movie, The Marvels. Still, the end felt a bit anti-climactic.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds – Such a great show, such a good season so far. I have really liked the progression of the characters and there’s a moment in each episode that has either made me laugh or made me cry a little or made me just feel. I’m glad we have a couple of new episodes before the season ends.

Good Omens 2 – We’ve watched the first episode so far. I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about a new season but I was delighted with that first episode so I’m looking forward to watching the rest…

morning walk
part of my walk Friday morning…

It’s Sunday afternoon evening. The a/c is working well in the house and I have control of the remote. Here’s to a good first week of school!

Oh, and the hubby met Victoria Pratt today! How cool is that?

hubby with Victoria Pratt