TWITL – week 39 – enter autumn

Y’all, it’s finally autumn! The weather has been pretending to be cooler and it was rather lovely. But the temperatures are looking to heat up during the next week or so and I’m definitely not looking forward to that. Then again, here we are at Fall Break!

me the All Blacks fan
Rugby World Cup 2023 gear

The All Blacks played Italy on Friday and won, 96-17. Yah! Their next match is Thursday and I am off that day for the start of my five day weekend. I’m very much looking forward to that long stretch of days off. Not really doing very much but it’s always nice to be away from work. 😉


Deadloch [Prime Video] – This was a good show! Okay, some of the characters were rather annoying (lord, what did Dulcie see in Cath?!) but it all came together in such funny and interesting ways. The main mystery was well done. Even though I guessed who the killer was before the reveal, WHY they were the killer didn’t make sense until the end. Dulcie and Eddie made a good team after going through their growing pains. I absolutely recommend this show. It was a good watch…

Black Snow [AMC+] – From one Australian show to another, this one had the crime angle again, this time from the perspective of a cold case. As we watched the opening credits, I was delighted to see Erik Thomson’s name. How did I not know that he was in this one?! I’m slacking on my fangirl ways. Sorry, Erik!… This show was another good watch, though more serious than Deadloch. We watched all six episodes in one day. I would also recommend this one…

autumn flowers


November is a month away and I just realized that I need to seriously start planning my November novel. Yikes! I’m excited about writing my next novel even if no one but me ends up reading it. So let’s see what I have so far…

Their names are Nathan Laurent and Isa Ligaya. I know what he does, for the most part, and I know that she works in an office in a technical position. They meet at her workplace, go to lunch, and then start dating. I think this might go the “marriage of convenience” route but we’ll see. I’m using a new muse for this one. Exciting!

loved that score...

Why is it time for bed already? A good week to you all!