TWITL – week 1 – Happy 2024

I had some webhosting drama and didn’t get to post this weekend so I’m starting this on Sunday night but I have to go to bed soon so I’m not even sure why I’m starting this post now. I’m hoping to get it uploaded sometime Monday but we shall see!

My webhost drama started the other day when I tried accessing my site and I kept getting the 509 error message. Somehow I’d reached my bandwidth limit. How?! My website is hardly high traffic and yet I somehow hit the limit via http. Perhaps it has to do with the all the failed logins I found once I was able to get back into my site? Whatever it was, I realized it was time to upgrade my site. My previous plan no longer existed and I was fast approaching some of the limits so I went with a plan that costs much more but I didn’t feel like looking for another webhost, especially since I’ve been with the same one for NINETEEN years and they’ve been pretty solid this whole time. Also, I’ve been for how long?!

remnants of an Old Fashioned
remnants of an Old Fashioned

Working three days the second week of break is really the best way to ease into work life after the holidays. It didn’t even really feel like “work” because I had very few interruptions and I was able to just get on with what I needed to do. Work never stops, of course, so I’m sure there will be stuff on my desk when I go in today.


Monarch: Legacy of Monsters – I am seriously enjoying this show. I do get annoyed with some of the characters and they almost take me out of the story but the ones who make sense to me keep me intrigued. Some of plot points seemed obvious but it was nice to say, “Ha, I knew it!” at a couple of reveals. Can’t wait to see how the season ends and if it’s meant to be more than just one or if it’s one of those “event” type series.

Barbie – I know, what took me so long to watch this movie? Well, finally pressed play and watched. It was good! Very well done and I get all the hype about it. Ryan Gosling will always be my favorite and I thought he did a great job on this movie, even if I found his Ken a little cringey at times. There are so many layers to the movie and it’s not all light hearted and superficial. I think you can get as much out of it as you like…

Percy Jackson and the Olympians – I have read all the Percy Jackson books so I was very excited when this show was announced.. The season so far has lived up to my expectations, from the casting of the characters to the action and plot. I look forward to each episode’s drop and I know I’ll be more than a little sad when it’s over. I hope it’s getting more than the first season. Go watch!

afternoon sunshine

Random musings…

  • I lost an earring a couple of weeks ago at work, which made me sad because I’d had the earring for years, probably decades. I resigned myself to its loss, lamenting a little before moving on. This morning at work, we were taking down the holiday decorations and one of my last moves was moving the fake tree back to its place. I looked down and lo, there was earring! Aside from the realization that our office hadn’t been vacuumed in awhile (at least two weeks or more), I was so happy to have my earring back! It’s the little things sometimes…
  • I’ve been using the Hipstamatic app on my iPhone and using those pictures as my picture of the day so far in 2024. Not sure how long this will go on but I do like the way Hipstamatic surprises me with its filters.
  • I do hope that I write every week on my blog. We’ll see how it goes!
my Witcher denim jacket

Sometimes I wish I treated this blog more as a diary than I do. I have words swirling in my head, opinions and observations that I wouldn’t mind sharing but I don’t. I keep them in a private document but sometimes, I want to set those thoughts out into the world. I’m not clever enough to keep them vague though so I leave them in a place where only I can read them. Ah well…