TWITL – week 18 – birthday month begins

Monday – 29 April

The Earthcam stream of the Temple Bar on YouTube was down this weekend and oddly enough, I felt a bit lost without it. I like being able to check in on the place where we visited. It makes me feel connected. It also makes me want to visit again. The feed is back up on YouTube. Whew! Even though I can go to their actual website for the livestream, I like being able to find the video on YouTube.

I cooked dinner
Cooking dinner

Wednesday – 1 May

First day of May! Right now I’m typing on my MacBook Air with my wrist brace on. This is a new feeling. I’m trying out the wrist brace in the hopes that my wrist corrects itself but it’s not just the wrist that’s bothering me. My arm doesn’t want to extend all the way. I might end up at the doctor’s office at some point.

a bit of spring

Thursday – 2 May

It’s my Friday! I’m pretending it’s a real Friday and will be wearing my denim skirt. It’s supposed to be warmer today and I’m not ready for it. When did I become someone who liked the colder weather? Ye gods!

those Snapchat filters are so good to me

The Snapchat filters are my friends. I love how they filter me. And sometimes I like to share. 😉

Saturday – May the Fourth

I had yesterday off for my birthday and it was lovely! I saw a movie in the afternoon then the husband took me out to The Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner, where I had my usual mizithra. SO GOOD. Both the A’s and Cardinals won so I was a happy baseball fan too. What more could I want?

such a nerd
nerd girl proud, so proud of one of her fellas

The Fall Guy – I will always be biased for any of Ryan Gosling’s work, just so you know. This means that I went into this movie already halfway loving it just because I would see Ryan on the big screen. It’s actually been awhile for me. For whatever reason, I did not see Barbie in the theatre to that means I think the last time I saw Ryan on the big screen was for La La Land. Ooops! All that said, I LOVED this movie. I love how reverent they were towards the stunt workers. I loved the plot, which was fun and perhaps a bit ridiculous but it doesn’t matter because the movie was FUN. Emily Blunt was lovely and the chemistry between her and Ryan was altogether sweet and cute yet mature. I loved the musical choices and the doggie. I enjoyed the heck out of this movie and definitely loved Ryan in it. He’s so much fun to watch and I walked away from the movie with a smile on my face and joy in my heart. Good times.

mmm, mizithra

Today we went over to The Lounge to watch the Kentucky Derby. Fun times! I had two mint juleps and nachos while we were there. The weather started off cold and rainy but when we walked out of there, it was merely cool. I should have bet on the race because the horse I would have chosen ended up winning. Nice!

our derby look
mint jelup
mint julep


Fallout [Amazon Prime] – This is a good show! We watched it over a week or so and even with the whole post-apocalyptic vibe, there’s humor and lightness mingled with all the dark stuff. I really appreciate that more than not, the scenes were brightly lit and you can see everything. I really enjoyed it and I’m glad it’s getting a second season.

Fire Country [Paramount+] – We are catching up on this show, which can get so soap opera-like at times. I want to smack a couple of the characters but it’s a decent watch and I love seeing Sabina on it. She is as beautiful on screen as she is in real life, trust me.

me at 53

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